Contract Update

Since the contract has been updated the mining screen will update itself to the new Contract! The most important part is that the updated contract is now (Address) Listed) on three exchanges.. and can be traded on these exchanges immediately!

This is the updtaed contract address..

Investors do not have to do anything.. I will be sending the new updated SWAT to all these 132 holders as seen on this etherscan link of the interim contract: in the next 24 to 36 hours.. Investors can confirm receipt to me through mail optionally. The SWAT balance everyone will have currently based on this contract address 0xc5e1ac2917e26ef308103400a083605626929b53 will remain with you and will become defunct! I will send new contract update request to Yobit and EtherFlyer. For executing this there is only an additional effort and some expenses on my part and for me. That is alright. But am happy that we have created a new code and contract that is more easy to implement by exchanges. As a result we are already listed on three exchanges.. If we get reasonably good volumes on the first two of these three exchanges we can get on Coinmarketcap!

I have put some trial buy orders for miners to sell and test the coins mined by them. I request all miners to sell moderate quantities and try out selling till we get more buy orders from investors..

I am starting the transfer process now.

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