We have crossed 30 million SWTC in the pre-sale as of now.. Thanks to the support of all the SWTC investors. Since the coin is being traded already, the only advice is not to sell low on WAVES Client or Wallet. Hold for at least six months. When all events mentioned in the road map get executed as per schedule you will see that the price of the coin will steadily increase.

Here is an announcement for Investors holding less than USD 2 worth of TOKEN! Now everyone can send payments with USD YOBIT Code of Value 1.99 USD upto 0.11 USD or DOGE YOBIT CODE from 700 DOGE to 35 DOGE till 2nd April 2018 12 Noon GMT. Will exchange at the same rate of USD 1 for 10000 SWTC. Please don't send TOKEN Yobit CODE. Send only USD or DOGE Yobit Codes along with your WAVES WALLET ADDRESS not the old ETH Address.

On 2 April 2018 at 12 noon GMT First phase of ICO on the WAVES Wallet Platform will be launched at the rate of 1 USD for 1000 SWTC. Request all the investors to keep away from the trading on WAVES Client or Wallet for the entire period of the ICO till 29 April 2018 10 PM GMT. (Phase 2 will be 1 USD for 500 SWTC and Phase 3 will be for 1 USD for 100 SWTC). Maximum SWTC coins issued will be 150 Million.

Please promote this Unique ICO that is being launched on a tradeable platform from day one, which has never happened earlier with other ICOs, in various investor forums, chatboxes and among other fellow investors. Let us make this ICO a grand success! This will create increased value for our coin with in the very first month.

By the time we swap the SWTC coin for the new forked coin and list it on 3 exchanges during the second half of this year the price of our coin should be in the range of USD 0.5 to USD 1.5. The moment we start prototype testing and selling the Pocket mining Devices the price should go up to USD 4.00. When we give our first quarterly Profits on the 1st of Jan 2019 we should be in the price range of 6 to 7 USD. If we all work together we can surely make this happen. Everything depends on the success of the ICO. Good luck everyone!

If there is some one who can translate this message for the Russian Investors, Korean Investors and for the Indonesian Investors a bounty of 100000 SWTC for each language is on offer. Those who are interested can mail me at

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