Coin Sale Live Now! with SWTC

Do Not Use ETH Code Now. Use Only your New Waves Wallet Address! - See message below or check bitcointalk post.

The first 24 hours of our Swap Token Coin Sale has been truly amazing! We have sold more than 17 million STC coins in the first day. Thank you for the amazing response Investors! There have been some issues with the Ropsten Tesnet blockchain from this morning. Resynch with node is in progress now. As a result, some of the recent transfers have been delayed. Also, several investors have found it a bit difficult to use MetaMask in adding the new TOKEN and subsequently checking their STC balances. 

Taking into consideration these problems it has been decided to upgrade our operations to a much safer and stable platform with regular downloadable wallet and a web wallet which is on the Mainnet and not a Testnet – The Waves Platform. 

STC 2.0 is now SWTC. The new SWTC token has been created on the Waves Platform and is now ready for issue. For those who have bought STC yesterday, new SWTC will be issued on a 1:1 basis today. We hope to complete this process in the next 24 hours.

Please send the new Waves Wallet Address as a reply to the confirmation mail that you have received yesterday which has the original Yobit Code, ETH Address and the number of STC issued with bonus message in it. Mention your new Waves Wallet Address in the Subject Line.

New investors kindly use the new Waves Wallet Address along with the Yobit Code instead of the MetaMask ETH address from now on. 

It is never too early to upgrade to a more secure and stable platform!

You can download your Windows, Mac or Linuc Wallet from here. ( Or you can use the WEB client here. ( Please download your wallet, secure it and get your Waves Wallet Address and send it back at the earliest.


  1. In the MetaMask Wallet if you are in the Mainnet change to Ropsten Test Network

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