Earlier News!

29 March

Here is the good news! Thanks to those who have mailed and messaged me that they are willing to support this revival project even if I had to do it alone! Appreciate the 476 swap token investment group members who have sent friends request (and accepted) during the last week on Facebook and who have been discussing this and messaging their suggestions and ideas through Facebook messenger and posts. I have decided to take this up on my own. It was mentioned earlier that a road map will be released during the first week of April 2018. The Road Map will be released later today.. followed by the release of SWAP TOKEN COIN ERC20-TOKEN and the beginning of the SWAP process through a pre-sale. Action begins today! Coin release and Road Map in the next one hour!


27 March

The investor group will have to arrive at a consensus on several things.. If there is no consensus I will have to do this alone... Doing the revival process with so many coins as an individual is a huge task with out any contribution from the group..  If the coin holders are only interested in exiting the coin with every price increase due to the good efforts put in here, it doesn't make sense to take this forward.. It is better to launch a new coin without involving the current investors and the current coin..  Till we know more clearly about all this, everything has been put on hold.. Hope this clarifies the situation..


26 March

Everything put on hold at the moment..

24 March Afternoon..

We have to burn in the ratio of 100:1 exactly.. but it will not be just burn.. but burn with a swap of a BTC fork coin..
why we need a BTC fork.. because this will bring the BTC holders into play by means of a free airdrop of 1:10 for them..
BTC holders are the biggest investors and their interest in free coins through a fork will ensure that we will immediateely get a high price for our coin.. and not fall like PAC
just check the price on Yobit USD.. price is increasing rapidly! I am sure we are going in the right direction..

24 March Afternoon

I appreciate Johnny and Meirban for their useful discussion.. (on Discord).. These are the thoughts that are lingering in the mind of all investors.. so we should allow the discussion to grow.. 15 billion coins = 15 000000000 and reduced to 150000000 at 1:100 after swap.. but Meirban i wish to clarify that the new coin SWAP TOKEN 2.0 should be a Bitcoin fork.. we will give free airdrop of 1:10 for BTC holders of the forked coin along with our swap.. Right now total bitcoins around 18 million.. of which 6 million not in circulation.. so 12 million.. 12 million x 10 forked SWAP Token 2.0 = 120 million coins.. So total issue of SWAP Token 2.0 will be 150 million for our own swap and 120 million for Airdrop to BTC holders total of 270 million coins premine.. and issued.. By doing this we can ensure that the initial price of the forked coin will be between a minimum of 3 to 10 USD.. by looking at the performance of recent BTC/LTC forks.. this is surely possible.. Even BTC SMART with 1:100 free airdrop started at around USD 96.00 and has drifted down to around 0.07 USD in two to 3 months.. But our aim should be to maintain the price of the coin after the fork and swap and airdrop between USD 3 to 10.. with good projects clear road map and whitpaper etc..
Total supply of the coin can be upto three times the premine for future mining and payments for Masternodes rewards etc.,
If some one wants to exit immediately after the airdrop when the price will be at the highest in the short term.. they can get a good profit.. each investor can calculate their profit with their own holding od SAWP TOKENS 1.0 as of now with a possible price range for SWAP TOKEN 2.0 between USD 3 to USD 10 during the initial days.. But our idea is to create a solid coin with solid plans and our realistic target price for the new coin shouild be around USD 100 by the end of 2018.. So that most o us who are holding SWAP TOKEN 1.0 now will begin the year 2019 as millionaires! This is the idea.. We have to make this work.. I am sure we can do it if we all work together!

24 March Morning...

SWAP TOKEN is definitely a [b]COIN[/b] and not a token.. and it is already listed on yobit.. the problem is it has got a very low valuation.. there are two reasons for this.. first is it has already got a huge number of coins in circulation. .. See details below that I have got from my synced wallet..


"blocks" : 927121,
"currentblocksize" : 1000,
"currentblocktx" : 0,
"difficulty" : {
"proof-of-work" : 0.00024414,
"proof-of-stake" : 46843.08309793,
"search-interval" : 1
"blockvalue" : 0,
"netmhashps" : 0.00000000,
"netstakeweight" : 3655106625321.92236328,
"errors" : "",
"pooledtx" : 0,
"stakeweight" : {
"minimum" : 0,
"maximum" : 0,
"combined" : 0
"stakeinterest" : 3650000000,
"testnet" : false
The amount of coins that are being staked.. at 10 % per day is 3.65 trillion coins.. but it is not under circulation..
It is a good thing that the wallet is under maintenance on Yobit..
Since the Wallet is still under the previous dev.. we have to be worried about only the coins which the current group of investors have spent money and bought on the exchange.. and is being currently traded on Yobit..
This value of those coins is around 15 billion according to Coinmarketcap estimates.. This is an approximate value..

My idea is.. we have to request the investors who are interested in SWAP TOKEN 2.0 to swap these  15 billion coins for new SWAP TOKEN 2.0 coins which will be from a new wallet under our control.. at the rate of 100:1.. meaning.. if some one has 100 million TOKENS they will be issued 1 million new SWAP TOKEN 2.0 Coin.. which can be mined.. using pools with masternodes etc., like BTC.. and list this new coin in at least three exchanges.. maybe Yobit, Tradesatoshi, HitBTC, Cryptopia etc.,
All members and investors have to come out with suggestions.. we can compile these together and prepare a road map for all these activities starting from the first week of April..
But to proceed with all these activities all of us have to come forward and donate some money in the form of TOKEN coins.. I am spending initially to get this started and I am really happy with the response we have been getting so for from the community!  May be a minimum donation of 10 million coins (approx 10 USD at current prices) to a maximum of 100 million coins (approx 100 USD at current prices) We can reward these early adapters or we can call them Angel Investors, with 10% more than the amount they donate during the coin swap.. Please give your suggestions..
Posting these ideas on our Site under Latest news.. on Bitcointalk under a new post and on Twitter and Facebook.. let us wait for suggestions for a few days.. then consolidate the same and release our road map during the first week of April.. We have to stick to our deadlines strictly.. only then we can retain the trust of our investors.. It is really good to have such a transparent coin which is developed by the consensus of investors rather than being decided only by the dev.. Good for all of us!


  1. if u r will to burn the token in 100:1 , then its initial price must b atleast 100 times that of now... if it doesn't happened then we will loose huge amount... i am a big investor of token i have 600 million token... now i am thinking to sell it... so kindly clear me this FUD by replying me down..I WILL WAIT FOR UR RPLY

  2. Good luck to the TOKEN TEAM, hope the burn is done correctly and not like what happened to PAC.

  3. onjive bro.... i had in vest in PAC before buring i bought a million of them at about 1 satoshi..... they burned PAC at 1000:1. NOW its price is at 90 satoshi.... WTF there was huge loss to investors...........

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  5. what will happen to token at yobit?