Road Map

SWAP TOKEN COIN - Detailed Road Map
1st April 2018 End of Pre-Sale
2 April 2018 ICO Phase 1 (Open to All)
Deploy ICO Phase 1 using SWT1 tokens on the WAVES Platform WALLET and Webclient (  for Sale of SWT1 at the rate of USD 1.00 for 1000 SWT1
11th April 2018 ICO Phase 2 using SWT2 Tokens on the WAVES Platform WALLET and Webclient (  for Sale of SWT2 at the rate of USD 1.00 for 500 SWT2
20th April 2018 ICO Phase 3 using SWT3 Tokens on the WAVES Platform WALLET and Webclient (  for Sale of SWT3 at the rate of USD 1.00 for 100 SWT3
29 April 2018 End of ICO
30 April to 15 June 2018
Development of mineable SWT COIN using a forked CryptoNote algorithm. Development of Wallet, Blockchain, Masternodes and setting up of Initial infrastructure.
The algorithm will be based on a proprietary Verified MacID Secured Payment (VMSP) infrastructure and the same technology will be used for (POW) mining as well. Mining can be done only on devices (Android based Pocket Miners that can also be used as Mobile Phones/Tablets) with built-in mining software, sold by SWT on our website through an exclusive Amazon Webstore and is secured by the unique MacID (machine ID of the device). More Details about the technology will be revealed in a White Paper to be released by the 15th of April 2018. More detailed information will be released once an application is filed for patenting both the product and the mining process based on the VMSP infrastructure technology.
The profits generated from device sales will be shared via airdrops every quarter to all stake holders in the ratio of 40:40:20 meaning 40% profit shared with stake holders in proportion to the SWT Coins held by them as per a quarterly snapshot, 40% for future development and research to take the coin and the business to greater heights and 20% for maintenance of infrastructure and overheads.
16th June 2018
Release of the new STC Wallet
17th June 2018 to 16th July 2018
SWAP of SWTC and SWT 1,2 & 3 TOKEN Issued to WAVES Wallet with new SWT coins based on the forked and released CryptoNote algorithm.
17th July 2018 to 16th Oct 2018
Listing of the NEW SWT coin on three exchanges.
Prototype testing of Pocket Miner Devices for mining efficiency and device technical compatibility and stability. Manufacturing tie up for production of Pocket Mining Software and pre-order of Devices on SWT website.
Device Release for trial sale and for market acceptance testing through exclusive Amazon Webstore.
17th Oct 2018 to 31st Dec 2018
Commencement of Regular Sale of Pocket Miner Devices on webstore. Setting up of back end customer care arrangement for technical and software related assistance.
1 Jan 2019
First Airdrop of Quarterly Profits.
Additional research and Development to upgrade the Pocket Miner as a stand-alone device that can be connected to various appliances, automobiles etc., so that customers can generate coins to subsidise their electricity charges, fuel bills, Talk Time Payments, Data and Cable Charges etc., The future is to put one Pocket Miner Device in every single kid’s pocket so that even the pocket money and educational needs of kids can be subsidised in a secure manner.
15th Jan 2019
Review of performance and release of new Road Map for the next two years.
Note About Creation of a Safety Net for Investors:
SWT plans to retain 30 percent of initial sale proceeds as cash as a safety net for investors. What this means is at any point in time if investors for whatever reason wish to sell back the coins after the SWT coin Wallet SWAP during the second half of June 2018 they can do so and get a minimum of 30% of their original investment as USD. For example, if an investor has bought USD 200 worth of SWT during the original SWAP or during the ICO he or she can sell back the coins for a minimum of USD 60 on the SWT website any time after 17th of June 2018. See white paper for more details about the business and financial security for investors.


  1. Free Token Event

    150 GIFT coins will be paid About 1 coin of 0.2 $
    1. Join yourself 100GIFT
    2. Telegram subscription 100GIFT
    3. Daily visit 10GIFT (20 ~ 30 degrees provided)
    4. Referrer 1000 GIFT per person
    A minimum of 1,210 coins of about 242 $ (259,666 won) will be paid when you sign up for one referrer per day.
    I signed up for an extra email with my wife, my father, my mobile phone and my spare email.
    (Note: IP duplication check seems to be ..) Two reference subscription does not come up.

    DAC COIN 40 air drops
    1. Site access
    2. Register MyETH Address
    3. End (my 40 + recommendation 40) I use 10 addresses ~~~

    ETORO COIN 200 air drops
    1. Site access
    2. Register MyETH Address
    3. End (200 + recommenders 200) I use 10 addresses ~~~

    EOS-based ETU Coin Free 8888 Air Drops
    1. Site access
    2. Register MyETH Address
    3. End (my 8800+ recommendation 8800) I use 10 addresses ~~~

  2. 좋은 무료 코인정보 공유합니다.

    수십개 수백개 중에 괜찮은 정보 다섯개만
    정보공유 하겠습니다.
    한두개는 사기 일수 있지만 일단 돈이 안 들어가니.
    일단 늦지 않게 가입해보세요.


    GIFT 코인 150개 지급 예정 약 1코인에 200원
    1. 본인 가입 100GIFT
    2. 텔레그램 가입 100GIFT
    3. 일일 방문 10GIFT(20~30도 제공)
    4. 추천인 1인당 1000GIFT
    하루 추천인 1인 가입 시 최소 1210코인 약 242$ (259,666원) 지급이 됩니다.

    전 와이프, 아버지, 장모님 휴대폰과 제 여분의 이메일로 추가 가입을 했습니다.

    (주의: IP 중복 체크를 하는 듯..) 두 명의 추천인 가입은 뜨지가 않네요. ㅜㅜ

    DAC COIN 40개 에어드랍
    1. 사이트 접속
    2. 형아들 마이이더주소 등록
    3. 끝 (본인40+ 추천인40) 난 주소10개 사용~~~

    ETORO COIN 200개 에어드랍
    1. 사이트 접속
    2. 형아들 마이이더주소 등록
    3. 끝 (본인200+ 추천인200) 난 주소10개 사용~~~

    EOS 기반 ETU 코인 무료 8888개 에어드랍
    1. 사이트 접속
    2. 형아들 마이이더주소 등록
    3. 끝 (본인8888+ 추천인8888)

    SANCOJ (SANCO) 최소 2000부터 에어드랍
    1. 사이트 접속
    2. 상단 Airdrop 클릭
    3. 정보기입
    4. 텔레그램 가입
    5. 그외 추가 보너스 획득 (최대 145,000코인 획득)

    마이이더월렛 주소가 필요함(ICO 종료 후 순차적으로 지급 예정)
    네이버 검색 요청.

  3. I will support you. Yeasterday i bought 150000000 coins , now i will buy another 600000000. I will not sell them soon. I hope i will make great coin !

  4. If you make Invest plan in Invest Box on you can push coin selling. Of coarce after road map : )

  5. What will be the future of the existing Key Coins on your YOBIT Exchange?