SWAP and Dev Team News!

Everything on hold now..

Caution..The SWAP TOKEN Investment community is presently deciding whether to SWAP all the 3.5 trillion SWAP TOKEN coins that are remaining in the wallet and getting staked in the wallet or just the 15 billion or so coins remaining in Yobit.. Also there is a lot of discussion going on in Discord about forming a Development and Management Team.. We are waiting for some agreement and consensus to be formed to move forward.. Our advise to new investors buying the SWAP TOKE Coin now on Yobit with the hope of exchanging for the new coin to be cautious and wait for a few days before buying.. Cheers!

Some discussions on Discord.. "Let us wait for a few days before we take things forward.. May be there are several people who are here mainly because they have a lot of coins on the wallet because they have been staking for a long while.. hoping to get the wallet working on Yobit.. and encashing their profit.. if the wallet starts functioning on Yobit tomorrow.. 3.5 trillion coins will come into the market.. on yobit.. and the price will drop to very low values.. may be we have to wait for that to happen so that what ever profit these coin holders hope to get let them get.. then we can decide about taking things forward.. we have to respect their hopes too.."


  1. I have almost 40 million swap coins on yobit. I was hoping to have a great future with this. Please help me make this coin great with huge results. Thank you

  2. Check the new detailed road map