D & M Team - A Brief Intro

The SWTC Dream Team comprises the 10 members above! The entire Team is working sleeplessly to make this project a great success. Three from Korea, Baewoo, Geonung & Kim, Two from Russia, Oleg & Ledon, One from Vietnam, Johnny, One from India, Dilip, One from Italy, Claudio, One from Ukraine, Yuriy and One from Luxembourg, Merlin. The diverse profiles of the D & M Team includes an Architect and Design Expert, Financial and Legal Expert, Professor of Engineering and Business Administration, Cryogenics Engineer, Financial Analyst, International Business Management Expert, Law, Fashion and Design Enthusiast, Civil Engineering and Construction Engineering Experts, Chatroom Mod and Online Network Creator. The one thing that is common to everyone is their passion for creating a great Crypto Currency. After the Pre-Sale the team holds more than 50% of the total coins issued as of now. The entire team is working tirelessly and selflessly to make the SWT Coin project a long term success without expecting any immediate returns! Investors don't have to worry. You investment is in the safe hands of this great team which is united by its diversity!

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