Generosity of D & M Team Members!

Generosity of D & M Team Members!
pwrproperty, has been doing a great job in building the telegram community and has has been giving bounties with his own SWTC!

Johnny who is our D & M team member has announced new bounty of 1000 SWTC for 100 new users who post and comment on Reddit, Bitcointlk and Twitter. He has sent 100000 SWTC from his own holdings for this!

Kevin (OTClegend) yet another D & M team member has also offered to give his own holdings of SWTC for bounties.

casinista86 (Claudio) who worked hard with several translations and facebook promotions from the beginning has already requested me to give his bounties to more deserving people!

ponomarevolegmsk (oleg) has been giving several wonderful ideas and suggestions to develop the community such as the referral idea and contests to attract new members apart from posting and promoting on bitcointalk and other Russian forums.

Focus Crypto (Merlin) and Baewoo have been actively supporting and posting on our Twitter account right from the beginning. Focus Crypto (Merlin) has also designed several pocket miner promotional images used on twitter and our website.

freecoin1 (Geonung) and Kim have been tirelessly posting and building the community in Korean chat rooms, blogs and forums

Yuriy has designed our SWTCoin logo and the header image and the cover page of our white paper and reddit posts. done our Ukraninan translations and forum promotions from the beginning.

Ledon has been working on Russian Translations and bringing new investors from Russia by creating and posting on Russian forums from the beginning!

Amazing work team! Great to be part of such a committed and wonderful team!

So new members claim your 1000 SWTC bounties (total 100 numbers) by posting and commenting on these links below and by sharing it through screenshots sent to my mail id soon!




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