ICO Sales Underway!

Good news! ICO sale has started on the WAVES/SWT1 Market. Though the initial orders are small, highest being 52.3 K till now it shows, the tremendous faith investors have in our project. They believe in the project enough to buy at this much higher price. This is the price discovery mechanism working in favor of the project. It is time for all investors to tell their friends and fellow investors to take a bit of their investments in other cryptos and instruments and invest in our project! If we succeed in Phase 1 where the price jump is 1000% we can easily clear Phase 2 because the price jump between Phase 1 and Phase 2 is just 200%. 

Announcing BTW1 bounties for those who can promote in chatboxes, forums and social media and submit proof of their work by means of screenshots and results. 10 Bounties of 10000 SWT1 each are waiting.

If there are bigger investors who wish to buy through the Yobit Code route since they can save transaction fees in the Yobit Code method, kindly send mail to me about this and I can buy SWT1 for them from the exchange and send it to their WAVES Wallets like how we did in the pre-sale. For this there should be a minimum order of 100000 SWT1. Those who bring in such investments are eligible for SWT1 bonuses! 

Cheers everyone! Let us all work together to make this a grand success! Today is the first day. We have 9 days more to make this happen!

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