LIZA SWT Exchange and for VNTX and DFT

Offer For LIZA Coin Small Investors on Yobit.

For the several LIZA Coin small investors who are not able to exit LIZA after buying at higher prices and are not able to invest in Invest Box because of minimum IB of 1500000 with less holdings, here is an offer! 

Exchange LIZA for SWT1 tokens using LIZA Yobit Codes at the rate of 1000 LIZA for 1000 SWT1 with 10% bonus.

For exchange above 100000 LIZA 20% bonus. No maximum limit! This offer is valid till 10th April 2018 when the first phase of the ICO will be completed. After that the price increases during the phase 2 of the ICO to 2000 LIZA for 1000 SWT2. So hurry up and send LIZA Yobit Code (not activated) to along with your WAVES Wallet Address (get it here If you hold the coin for 6 months you can get very good profit! These are tokens that will be swapped on a 1:1 ratio for a hard forked mineable coin during June-July 2018. The coin will be listed in 3 regular exchanges during Sep-Oct 2018. Website is here and twitter

For those who can promote this on LIZA forums, chatboxes, youtube channels, facebook groups and telegram groups, by sending screenshots 10 bounties of 10000 SWT1 is on offer! Let us get going!

Same offer above can be done for VNTX and DFT in these ratios.

2500 VNTX for 1000 SWT1
10 DFT for 1000 SWT1

Many Investors have holdings and not able to exit due to low prices. Promote these offers too. 10 more bounties of 10000 SWT1 each for promoting these offers too.


  1. hahah , just the same like TOKEN coin. Take money and rush. Now who bought TOKEN can sell for 0.00001 usd .

  2. But who bought SWTC will sell for 1 USD in October 2018!