An Idea to Use SWAT!

The SWAT discussion is going on!  And there are several who like the symbol/ticker SWAT on the one side an on the other side we have the objection raised by ponomarevolegmsk yesterday saying it is the abbreviation for a police force and should not be used. Oleg (ponomarevolegmsk) being the legal and financial expert that he is, obviously has the justification to be concerned about the possibility of potential legal complications we might face in the future if we use SWAT as the ticker for our coin and we respect his views!

On the other hand there have been suggestions varying from retaining it till June 15th to not just liking it and using it but to even take the design of the coin from the actual swat coins (challenge coins given as awards and sold as replicas) themselves! See this image and suggestion below!

There are different opinions and suggestions and many seem to like the idea of SWAT.

In plain English the dictionary meaning of swat is "hit something with a flat object" and as per my response in one post, swat means..  how we plan to hit our competition down flat with our Pocket Miner! So swat in plain English is a good representation of that idea! In many parts of the world people are not aware that swat is also an acronym for a police force in the first place!

Meanwhile Yuriy has already come up with this and many other designs based on the SWAT theme!
This is an idea of how we will use SWAT. Looking forward to responses from every one!

When we get our blockchain ready along with the wallet and the new coin let us take a bit of risk with the the SWAT named coin to generate some additional funds for the project. The spirit of Entrepreneurship is based on our ability to take risk, without which we will never ever be able to succeed in life and in this fiercely competitive world of ours. The beauty of our project is that each one of us is a true entrepreneur in his own right though the quantum of risk taken by each one of us is different! 

While we take this risk it also gives us an important opportunity simultaneously to take the coin to the valuations of USD 0.05 we are aiming to achieve in the months of July, August & September 2018. If our effort succeeds and we achieve our goals of generating sufficient amount of funds to take the project to the next level and raise our coin valuations to USD 0.05, we will see if it is worthwhile to retain the coin with the same name SWAT by facing any leagal hurdle that crops up if and when it does. If in the unlikely event that it doesn't succeed we will drop the name SWAT and develop another version of our coin with another name such as SWTX!

There is an option on the Yobit exchange to apply for an ICO without any upfront fees for any new coin that is not listed else where! The moment i use the name Yobit I am totally aware that there will be a lot of objections! Like how ponomarevolegmsk was passionately against the name SWAT, I know there are many of our Korean Investors who are against the idea of ever listing our coin on Yobit! 

That is the beauty of our project. We take the suggestions and opinions and different points of view of various members of our community and ultimately decide in favour of anything which will help and benefit our project this mission of ours! 

So to our investors who feel passionately against Yobit i wish to say, it was entirely due to Yobit Codes that our pre-sale was a complete and great success and we have also come together as a strong group that we are now! So Yobit has been good for us! Now for more details about this ICO listing.

Post has become too long! See the next post for the continuation!

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