Need Testers for a Mining Test Using Your Own Android Phone:

Various configurations of Android devices offered by reputed OEM suppliers are being considered for the different versions of our Pocket Miners. To help in this decision making process the following mining test assignment is announced. We request our community members to actively participate in this test and post the screenshots of the results here. Since we don't have a bounty programme running now during the exchange process I am not able to confirm the bounty for this now. But once we finish the exchange process, all participants will surely be compensated for their efforts through SWAT bounties.

The mining test is to be done by participants from our community using Android Phones that are owned by you. Check this link below.

This is an android app that can be used to mine various CryptoNote based coins. The creator of this app is also a developer working for us in the development of the mining app and pool for our coin. 

Check this link below.

This is a mining app used by the mining pool 

Participants have to download both these apps and join this pool (we need a common pool for comparison of results) using your own Bytecoin addresses and mine Bytecoin using your own Android Phones.

What we need to know is the hash rates that you are able to generate with your specific configuration of Android Devices using these two apps.

So please post the screenshots showing your hash rates along with your phone's configuration after testing both these mining apps. Please include additional info about heating up of the phone, stability of the miner or any other useful information and feedback that will help in development of our app and Pocket Miner.

Pocket Miner being developed with this kind of participation will be a truly investor community developed device. We can all be proud of our individual contributions to the development of our Unique Product.

Additional bounties will be offered to those who create videos of the their testing experience and post the links of the videos here or on our twitter page.

Looking forward to active participation from all our members!

Cheers Everyone!

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