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Question: i just to ask, it is next yobit ico sale about 119mil swtcoin will add with 150mil swtcoin current supply ?means swtcoin supply will be 150mil + 119mil(yobit ico ) + 10mil(btc fork)??

Answer: This is just a proposal as of now, to have an ICO on Yobit. Normally with any new coin after the pre-sale of the coin is completed using tokens that will be followed later by an ICO once the blockchain, wallet and new coin is developed. 

We did our pre-sale using the SWTC tokens created on the WAVES Blockchain and platform. If we had done it with the ERC20 tokens it would have been on the Ethereum blockchain.

Only when we have our own blockchain on our own seed nodes, our own wallet and our own coin, we can discover the initial true price of the coin. Normally the ICO will be at a much higher price than the pre-sale. If you read my post on some calculations and projections I have mentioned that we can reach a potential price of USD 0.05 for our coin during the months of August, September October once we list on different exchanges.

But if we go for this ICO on Yobit (if they accept it) we can achieve this price much earlier probably in June and also generate huge amount of additional funds for the project. Since our coin will not be a bitcoin fork, if we go for the ICO with SWAT (assuming) the total issued coins will be as follows.

150 million SWTC tokens sold during pre-sale plus 1 million SWTC used for bounties after pre-sale = total of 151 million SWTC and this will be swapped for 151 million SWAT + 119 million SWAT used for ICO. So a total of 270 million SWAT.

But if we can do the ICO before the 1:1 swap and use part of the funds generated by the ICO to offer a buy back of SWTC tokens at very good prices let us say  25 to 30 times the original pre-sale price and burn the SWTC tokens which we receive in our buy back before we do the swap we can stabilize at around 200 to 220 million depending on the response we get for the buy back offer.

Please remember all these are just proposals at this stage. Nothing is confirmed as of now.


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  2. 0.5$ for 1SWAT (ICO) it's a good price. This coin has a huge potential.