Good News as a Result of our ICO!

Good news! Yesterday the first day after closing the ICO there was a buy order that was executed in the ETH market for 10.9 K SWAT at the rate of 0.0009 ETH per SWAT, the total order value being 0.981 ETH or 515.025 USD. This works out to a price of 0.04725 USD per SWAT. We were offering a bonus of 40% for this quantity of SWAT during our ICO. This means if the person who has bought yesterday has bought at a price higher than the ICO price! For 515.25 USD during the ICO at 40% bonus the person would have got 14420.70 SWAT. So the effective price of SWAT with 40 % bonus had been 0.0357 USD. But the investor has bought after the ICO at a price of 0.04725 USD which is 32% higher than the ICO price. No bonus! No Free Pocket Miner!

This is the value and belief people who read about our project give to our coin an have in our project! I thank the investor whoever he or she is for this tremendous and faith in our project and for giving this kind of valuation to our coin. I wish to honour this investor with a bonus which the investor truly deserves! I request this investor to send a mail to me at with the transaction details of this purchase along with WAVES Wallet Address to claim this bonus.

I also appreciate the investor who did not drop the price to sell his holding to this person on the ETH market. This should be an example for our investor community. Again I wish to compare our project to the TRON project. Tron started in 2014. They are shifting from a token to their Mainnet during the next seven days between June 21 to June 25 4 years after the launch. They have a current circulation of 65 billion. TRX price is 0.045 USD as per coinmarketcap data today.

We started 2 months back in April 2018. We have launched our mainnet in June 2018. We are launching our user friendly upgraded Windows Wallet next Week. If we wish to shift to our mainnet we can do it next week. But for operational reasons, mainly related to restricted mining with our Pocket Miners we will shift to our mainnet in October 2018 only after the official launch of our Pocket Miner and our mining process . We have a current circulation of less thsn 155 million with all the bonuses and bounties included. This is just 0.238 % of TRX volume. Our Price is 0.047 USD as per the yesterday's traded price on the ETH market.

I leave it to you to decide what the price of SWAT should be. The simple truth is we are highly under valued! One should understand that we are not a short term, high volume, pump and dump kind of coin, that would soar instantly and burn out in the next few days. For those who have been reading my various posts it will be stored somewhere in the corner of their minds, how I had compared our coin to a blue chip stock like Microsoft (MSFT) which has remained solid for 30 years and delivered both excellent dividends with price stability and steady appreciation for a period of 30 years. SWAT is like that! And will deliver excellent returns with price stability and steady appreciation over the next 20 years. 

It has already delivered! Price in April 2018: 1 USD for 12000 coins. Which is a price of 0.000083 USD for 1 SWAT. Yesterday's price 0.04725 USD for 1 SWAT. (See screenshot below!) A price increase of 569 times! 56900% price increase in 2 months! The only need for our project is to get more people to buy small quantities of SWAT. TRX has 120K holders we have 109 holders. We have to make this 1000 first, 10000 to 25000 next. That should be our target! With such a big community on our social media platforms getting 10000 people to buy 100 SWAT each should not be that difficult a task! I am sure if we keep putting in the hard work that we all put in during our ICO, extremely good results will surely come to us!

This great news is that all this is the result of the collective effort of the entire SWAT Coin Community in promoting our project during the ICO! A big thanks to every one! I appreciate and applaud every single on of you! 

Cheers Everyone!

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