SWATX Daily Returns Investment Program! The details are given below.

New Sell walls have been created for SWATX at higher price levels. SWATX can be bought at these prices and invested back to get a daily return of 3.3 % as SWAT. Minimum Investment is 10000 SWATX and a Maximum of 1000000 SWATX. Investment duration is 30 days.

For example if you invest 100000 SWATX you will get 3300 SWAT every day. After the end of the 30 days 100000 SWAT will be transferred to the investor.

To participate in SWATX DRIP you need to buy SWATX and send it to the following address: 3P4FHyfyCuQuD1oniE7Z9udWEoeftyT6ZS2 and send mail to me @ admin@swatcoin.network with wallet address and transaction ID of SWATX purchase and transfer.

SWATX thus invested will be retained for 30 days and 3.3 % will be transferred daily to the investor as SWAT. The choice of either trading SWAT received as daily returns or holding it for the long term is the decision of the individual investor. 

This is not a compounding program. Daily returns will be transferred to the investors on a daily basis. 

You can do a test transfer and send mail to me to confirm receipt and then send the total amount in case you wish to do it.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback send mail to me @ admin@swatcoin.network

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