When and How do we reach a price of 0.5 to 1.5 USD?


My estimate for the price of SWAT during January 2019 is between 0.5 USD to 1.5 USD.

It may be delayed by a month or so. But surely we will reach that price range during the next 6 to 7 months!.

And by this time next year (July 2019) I hope to reach a price of 3 to 5 USD.


Currently we have inquiries for our Pocket Miner from 20 countries. This number is growing day by day. I am expecting that each of the 20 distributors who we will be appointing soon, to sell approximately 150 pieces per month at the lowest level. So if we sell 7500 Pocket Miners (It should be more like 12000 to 15000) in the months of Oct, Nov and December 2018 put together, the total sales value at 320 USD per Pocket miner (At 15000 volume price will be 250 USD) will be 320 x 7500 = 2400000 USD. 

If the profit is approximately 15 % from this sales, it is USD 360000. Of this 40 % will be invested to buy SWAT from the market which is 144000 USD (55000 WAVES approx) to be given as quarterly airdrop on Jan 1 2019.

Just look at the market today. There is a total sell order of only 1000 WAVES up to a price of 0.004 Waves. With 1000 WAVES we can take the price up to 0.004 Waves. With 55000 Waves we can take it to 0.22 Waves or 0.6 USD approximately.

This is only from my buying. At every stage from the time we launch the test videos of our Pocket Miners to the time we reach the sales of first 5000 Pocket Miners Every One will be Buying at all stages! Not just me. So the contribution from the buys of others should be at least 0.3 to 0.5 USD approximately. Total price of 0.9 to 1.1 USD

Mining at peak levels of 200000 Pocket Miners will be able to add approximately 5 million SWAT per month into circulation. At 7500 to 15000 Pocket Miner levels it will be much lower. If we sell 200K Pocket Miners per year which is what we expect to achieve in calendar year 2019, just imagine the kind of buying power that we will have! So by the time our third quarterly airdrop occurs on 1st July 2019 the lowest price levels we should be reaching for our coin should be in the range of 3 to 5 USD!

Let us assume there is a constraint of supply and we are able to produce only 100K Pocket Miners in a year, though the possibility is a remote one, then the demand for the Pocket Miner by itself will push the price to higher levels, since lesser investors are mining and due to the demand we will be having huge orders on pre-book basis, similar to Bitmain Antminer S9. This alone can push up the price to much higher levels. A case where a problem becomes a blessing in disguise!

If there is anyone who can see any flaw in the projections and calculations posted by me here, I welcome them to do so!

Now we come to the case of buying SWATX currently with 2.5 SWAT. First thing people will not buy but hold. It is good for the investors and for the market. But if you pay a premium of .5 SWAT and buy it now it saves you from the possibility of panic selling when you see some of the speculators push the price down, so that they can buy at lower levels. If you have your SWAT safely inside SWATX DRIP you will not sell lower to benefit these traders, who want a lower price. Hence the premium is worth it. You may not have the required WAVES to buy this safety net and hence the opportunity to use SWAT to buy this safety net!

I have seen that it is only a few traders who are holding 2 to 4 million SWAT who are involved in this small time market manipulation between 0.00006 to 0.00017 WAVES price range. Armed with a vault filled with 50 to 100 K WAVES during Dec 2019, the buying power we will have is enormous and these small 2 to 4 million holders who are trading in this range will be blown away! We can't blame them because they are using their strategy to make small short term profits. It is time to stop selling and start buying

So the smart thing is to buy SWATX with either Waves or with SWAT and put it in SWATX DRIP!

The advice to smaller and innocent investors is, better not to feel sorry later by having sold at an unacceptable and unimaginably low price! 

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