Some Updates about the Project Activities Going On in the Background.

The first version of SWATMINER Andorid APK is ready! 

Initial tests have been done and some bugs are getting fixed now. Hoping to get the bug-free final version to be ready in the next few days. And during the same time I am hoping to receive the high-end Pocket Miner sample delivered to me.

Will release the initial test videos of the High-end Pocket Miner, Including the Android mining test next week.

Once the Android miner and our mining pool is fully functional, development work of other versions of the Wallet (Windows 32 Bit, MAC and Linux versions) will commence.

Though the hardware will be sourced from OEM suppliers, installing the mining software, ad network integration, content uploading, brand name inclusion and final packaging along with outward logistics planning and several finishing activities have to be done at our end before the final product can be shipped to distributors and individual customers. For all this, two different facilities have been shortlisted and one will be finalized before the end of this month.

Legal aspects of the incorporation of Pocket Miner Corp have been finalized. A document  related to Legal, procedural and financial aspects of appointment of Distributors is in the process of being finalized and will be released next week.

Mining pool modification is going on and will be finalized in the next few days. Still many miners are mining enthusiastically even now!

Received a proposal from an ICO marketing platform for "Shark Funding" up to 250 K USD from a group of 82 high net worth investors who normally invest a minimum of 1 BTC. they wish to have a telephonic conversation with me. We are adequately funded at this stage of our project. Presently evaluating this proposal and will take a call about this during the next week.

Initial design work related to the website for Pocket Miners has begun and will be ready by the end of this month.

Content creation and aggregation process for content delivery through Pocket Miners has been initiated. There is a plan to integrate a electronic textbook sales platform into the student edition of our Pocket Miners. The preparatory work of this is on right now.

Will update with the progress on all these activities and other new activities soon! 

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