Trading Instructions on Etherdelta/Forkdelta Exchanges using Metamask:

Trading Instructions on Etherdelta/Forkdelta Exchanges using Metamask:

Choose one of these links.!/trade/0xe9a9d1101204b51e8620a28e471f44bb8775e50d-ETH

See the 6 arrows with the numbers and boxes in screenshot below.

You need to have some ETH in your Metamask account before you can start trading.

1. Account: You have to click on the Account and choose Metamask if it is not chosen automatically.

2. Dposit ETH & SWAT: From your Metmask Account you have to Deposit some ETH and SWAT into trading account. You have to fill the necessary amount and depostit. (Do small deposits first till you are comforatble). After doing the Deposits you should have some ETH left for paying for GAS required for each transaction. Every time you do a depostit or buy or sell transaction a small pop up window will be opened by Metamask notifying you to confirm transaction or sign and authorize trade. While confirming the transaction the amount of GAS required for transaction will be displayed with the option to adjust GAS prices. If you want to speed up the transaction choose edit GAS price and by using the up (or down arrow) you can increase the GAS price from 1 to 2 or 3 or 4. If you choose 4 or 5 (times normal value) the transaction will go through immediately.

3. Buy or Sell: You can enter the amount of SWAT to sell or buy by filling in the amount to buy or sell. You can buy or sell SWAT up to the amount of SWAT and ETH you transferred from you Metamask Account to your trading account.

4. Order Book: Once your order is confirmed you can see it here in different colors for buy and sell orders. Just by pressing these orders you can buy or sell easily.

5. Trade history: You can see all trades listed here date/time wise with volume and price indicated.

6. Your Trades: You can see your trades and open orders listed here.

Once you completed your trade you can withdraw or transfer the balance using the Withdraw or Transfer buttons just above the Box/Arrow 2 on the left side top,

Trade with small amounts till you get used to it.

Happy trading everyone!

Screen shot of Trading Screen:

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