New Offer for Investors who still have their SWAT in their Yobit Wallets. 3% Additional Bonus during First Quarterly Airdrop for Holding till Jan 2019!

Now that the IB plans are over, this is a new offer for the new investors who had invested in the IB plans and for those who still have their SWAT in their Yobit Wallets.

Bring back your SWAT from Yobit to either your MyEther Wallet or Metamask Wallet. Send your wallet address link on to my email id: with the commitment to hold till Jan 2018. You will get 3% additional bonus at the time of our first quarterly airdrop during Jan 2019.
We offered 10% additional bonus to our early investors who had committed to hold before we launched the IB plans and who had not benefited from the IB plans. Almost 200 million SWAT got committed during that time. Now there is approximately 93 Million SWAT in /yobit Wallets. 

Since the new investors have already benefited from the IB plans and did not get the opportunity to get their coins back from Yobit to MEW or Metamask we are offering this scheme at a lower rate of 3%!

To participate in this offer the details have to be sent to me with the commitment before EOD on Friday 21 Sep 2018.

All new investors should make use of this opportunity and bring their SWAT to MEW and Metamask!

Apart from the 3% bonus the main advantage is the safety of not selling at a low price and getting the benefit of the high price in Jan 2019. With the potential for price rise being high with all these events that will unfold, such as Launch of Pocket Miners on October 15th, Appointment of Distributors and additional sales of Pocket Miners in October, November and December, Posting of Mining Videos by Pocket Miner buyers and their experience of earning daily with Pocket Miners resulting in more sales, Buy back from market with 40% of Profit from sales of Pocket Miners in Dec, etc., the process of holding SWAT safely in MEW or Metamask will result in huge profits due to price increase over this time period along with the additional bonus of 3%

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