Important Announcement! We are upgrading our SWAT Project's Ehtereum Smart Contract!

We are upgrading our SWAT Project's Ehtereum contract from the existing ERC20 Token SWAT currently at 

to the new mining enabled SWTCoin, SWAT at the new contract address:

Once we do this and Yobit updates the Wallet based on the new contract address, SWAT mined with Pocket Miners can be traded directly on the exchange. 

Before we send the upgrade request to Yobit we need to exchange the old SWAT to the new mining enabled SWAT on a 1:1 basis. This exchange procedure will start today 20 Nov 2018 and end in the next 3 days.. on 23 Nov 2018. The old SWAT has to be first transferred to your Metamask or MEW address from Yobit Wallet in case you have it there and from there it has to be transferred to 

this address: 0x48850F503412d8A6e3d63541F0e225f04b13a544

Once the transaction is confirmed successfully on the transaction ID has to be sent to 

this email address:

Once the Mail with the transaction ID is received, the new SWAT will be issued on a 1:1 basis to the same ETH address from which the old SWAT was sent in for exchange. Since Yobit SWAT address cannot hold the new SWAT, if anyone transfers the old SWAT from Yobit's address directly to my address and the new SWAT is transferred by me to the Yobit Address, the coins will be lost for ever. Neither Yobit nor I can recover it. So please take precautions to transfer from Yobit to Metamask/MEW before sending it to me.

Once the request is sent to Yobit, while Yobit takes up the upgrading process: Withdrawals and Deposits will be stopped by Yobit. Hence the SWAT which is not exchanged within the deadline of 3 days cannot be exchanged after that! 

All members should stick to the deadline mentioned. This deadline will not be extended. I request all members to share this message on all our social media platforms and other language chat rooms. 

Thank you for your support and cooperation

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