SWAT Trading Contest - Prize Pocket Miner 6.18!

Prize: Pocket Miner 6.18

SWAT Trading Contest - Prize Pocket Miner 6.18!

Details of the Contest are Given Below:

Time Duration: 3 Dec 2018 to 12 Dec 2018

Exchanges: Only EtherDelta, ForkDelta, Token.Store and Ethen.Market 

Minimum Eligibility Requirement: Buy 1 ETH worth of SWAT from any one of these 4 exchanges - EtherDelta, ForkDelta, Token.Store or Ethen.Market (Sell value not included) and hold till the Contest is over

Details of Deposit of ETH from Metamask to the Exchange and Withdrawal of Purchased SWAT back to Metamask Wallet Details on Etherscan.io have to be submitted to admin@swatcoin.network to be eligible to participate in the Contest.

For successful completion of the Contest a minimum of 10 ETH worth of SWAT/ETH buy orders should have been executed in total on all four exchanges put together over the 10 day period calculated on a cumulative basis.

The person with the highest amount of Buy orders for SWAT with in the contest period will be the winner. The Winner based on Fair Practice of Trade will be decided by me and my decision will be final. Buy and Sell from own/same accounts, Bot trading etc., will disqualify any participant even if the total value of buy is more than 1 ETH. 

Winner will be announced on the 13th of December only if we have completed the competition successfully with all the criteria mentioned above have been met. In the case of a tie the winner will be chosen by picking of lots.

The prize, Pocket Miner 6.18 (MRP 340 USD) will be shipped to the winner's Address through FedEx. The shipping cost is our responsibility. Any Customs or Import Duty to be paid (if any) for clearing the shipment will be the responsibility of the winner.

Looking forward to the active participation of all members of our community and new investors. Request all our SWAT coin community members to post this message on different social media channels and our various different language chat rooms!

Note: This exercise is not just about the quantity of SWAT bought but it is also about creating better value for SWAT. Hence contestants who have bought SWAT at higher values will be ranked higher than those who have bought more at lower values. 100000 SWAT bought for 1 ETH is ranked higher than 1000000 SWAT bought for 1 ETH!

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