Project Update: Major Developments during the Quarter.

Project Update: Given below are the Major Developments during the Quarter.

💎 Allocated and sent 3000 USD to Ehsan our D & M Team member from Iran for the development of import infrastructure for Pocket Miners and for identifying and acquisition of new Investors in the Iranian market. Based on the interest shown by some investor groups,  Ehsan is confident of getting investment of about 200000 USD for the project by the end of the year.

💎 Allocated and sent 1000 USD to Benjamin our D & M Team member from Nigeria to pursue an investment proposal through a joint venture with a big Business group based in Abuja, mainly for importing and marketing Pocket Miners in Nigeria, Togo, Uganda and other countries with expected first orders to the tune of 25000 USD. Draft proposal for finalizing the joint venture is ready and has been approved by both parties. Waiting for the date for signing of the document to clinch the deal. We are hoping to get this done in the coming month.

💎 20000 USD reserves which we had allocated for buy back if SWAT price falls below 0.00001 USD, is being deployed in varied revenue generating activities that include, Traditional revenue generating businesses such as Dairy and Organic Agro farming, Yield Faming, Liquidity mining and in setting up a green mining center at our project location in India in the form of a high-tech, Solar Powered GPU mining shack to mine alt coins with better yield for longer duration. We expect to generate a combined monthly revenue of 2000 USD from these operations. With the successful execution of these activities we will become financially strong with long-term sustainability irrespective of changing market conditions. 

💎 Active development of the SWAT Mining process is going on along with these background activities. Some of these activities will yield immediate returns while others will yield returns on the medium and long-term, there by making sure that in case there is a disruption in global logistics due to a 3rd or 4th wave of the Pandemic, the project will not be affected by it and will continue to operate profitably in any adverse condition.

💎 The delay in launching our mining activity is mainly due to the time being consumed for setting up these background activities. The sale of new Pocket Miners will start once these revenue generating operations are in place. We expect to generate an additional income of 2000 USD per month from Pocket Miner sales during the early stages of our mining on the Binance Smart Chain and much higher profits as we establish ourselves again going forward. 

💎 We have to remember we made a profit of 56320 USD in just a few months of Pocket Miner/SWATMiner APP sales in 2019 and based on this, gave a bonus of 10% to all SWAT holders during the beginning of 2020. There were 100s of users who made good profit from SWAT mining during 2019 and all holders too were rewarded with a 10% bonus issue using the profit. But everything came to a standstill due to the pandemic, since global logistics came to a total halt in 2020. This time we have made sure that nothing can disrupt our operations by setting up these operations.

💎 SWAT buy back and SWATM liquidity will be created continuously using the revenue from these operations. SWATM will evolve to be a composite and hybrid Yield and Mining token going forward. Our aim is to create a Ad Revenue based Free Mining APP that can give 2 to 3% mining return per month to free mining APP users, 3 to 5% Yield per month to all holders of SWATM and 5 to 10% mining returns per month for Pocket Miner Owners.

💎 3 Years back our Project Site was just a barren piece of land. Today it is evolving into a composite revenue generating stable profit center now hosting a blend of several diverse revenue generating activities. Someone had mentioned on our chat a few days back that once we have planted a tree we have to be patient and wait till the time it bears fruit to get our return. This image below is that of a tree that was actually planted 2 years back as a small sapling of few inches height at our project site. Today it has grown fully into a fruit bearing tree! This is a perfect symbolic indication that our efforts will bear fruit soon! Patience is a virtue. Cheers everyone!

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