Effective Usage of Idle Resources

Effective Usage of Idle Resources: Since GPU mining has become unprofitable even with free Solar power, we have been using these idle resources to prove a point and to possibly generate funds for our project. Using a simple yet powerful program (A I Bot), based on a probabilistic reverse elimination algorithm, we have been hunting for BTC Private Keys for the top 34949 dormant BTC addresses with a minimum balance of more than 25 BTC, that has been lost forever and is of no use to anyone. Speed we are achieving currently with 4 GPUs: 400 Million Private Keys per second (see attached video), which works out to more than 24 Trillion (2,5178,710,996,832) Keys per day.

Most of such programs work in a sequential manner and hence it is impossible to succeed with currently available CPUs and GPUs. With our algorithm we make effective use of probability and a reverse elimination technique wherein the entire spectrum of  all possible private keys are split into smaller ranges per GPU and within these ranges for every Billion Keys eliminated in less than a minute, we generate 262140 random new starting points, thus increasing success rate exponentially. And the possibility of hitting a private key any random second is

a reality. As mentioned earlier, BTC is a primitive crypto and its era will come to an end when commercial sales of Quantum Computers which are millions of  times faster than GPUs, coming up in 2025! Hopefully we will be able to extract a few hundred BTC for our project before this happens and BTC's value crashes to zero!

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