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Business Opportunity: We are happy to announce a great business opportunity exclusively for our community members based on our SWAT Block Chain Phone.

SWAT Block Chain Phone has the following specifications:

It is based on the S24 Ultra of Samsung... 7.3 inch Screen, 16GB RAM+1TB ROM, 72MP+108MP, 8000 mAH battery, 5G.

Currently, we are offering these phones only as a free gift to those who are buying SWAT using our different options in the Token sale. We are not selling the device separately yet. When we launch it we want to offer it for 299 USD per piece with shipping included.

The actual price of Samsung S24 Ultra ranges from 1300 to 1600 USD particularly for the device with a storage of 1 TB it is approximately 1600 USD. And it has a RAM of only 12 GB not 16 GB.

We wish to offer this device with higher specs for 165 USD per piece for someone who wants to buy and market it as a business offer. 

Minimum Order Quantity of 4 pieces and shipping charges for the 4 pieces in one package as 60 USD. So, 4 pieces for 660 USD (4x150 + 60 Shipping) means 165 USD per piece. 

My assumption is the device with these specifications can have a MRP in the range of 250 to 300 USD which is roughly 1000 to 1300 USD lower than the price of Samsung S24 Ultra.

We wish to appoint distributors/marketers who can buy our device at 165 USD and market it to Mobile phone retailers, directly to customers, to direct marketing teams etc., for different geographical regions across the globe.

Please note that anyone who owns a SWAT Block Chain phone can mine 6000 SWAT per day by just installing the Phantom Wallet on the device.

Those who are interested in taking up this opportunity can contact me through mail by sending a mail to me:

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