A Brief Look Inside the White Paper (to be released tomorrow.)

SWTC – It’s Time to Change the Game
One more white paper! Yet another new crypto currency! The question that pops up on everyone’s mind, with so many crypto currencies being launched every day, is, do we need one more coin at this late stage in the game?
To answer this question, I wish to narrate a similar story that happened in the 1980’s albeit in a different context. This is a story of the fight for leadership featuring four major Japanese motorbike manufactures in a motorcycle market that was fraught with competition and an unforgiving customer base waiting to punish the weak and the inefficient. Suzuki took the brave step of being the pioneer and entered the market first, with a trump card of a product, a motor cycle of the calibre the market had never seen before and immediately garnered a 20% market share. Kawasaki followed suit and brought out a bike that was exactly similar and focused on a different geographical region and soon caught up with Suzuki in market share. A short while later Honda entered the market and decided to use technology that was different from the earlier launches and hit the market with a four stoke engine that was highly fuel efficient, with a mileage that was almost twice that of the other two. The price conscious market literally gobbled up the product in glee and Honda became the largest selling bike in no time. Honda brought out a great product and followed it up with a great marketing campaign. Honda’s advertising campaign had a fantastic punch line. “Fill it. Shut it. Forget it!” The product lived up to the advertising campaign and started dominating the market with a solid market share of more than 60%.
With all segments of the market having been targeted and filled almost completely, Yamaha decided to enter the market as a late entrant, something similar to what we are planning to do with SWTC now. Market experts who are generally cynical about anything that is new, were as expected skeptical about Yamaha’s success.  Yamaha decided to focus on a product with power, pickup and stability and stunned the market with the most powerful bike in the segment. The bike was clearly a winner and the punchline in their advertising campaign was even better!  The punchline was simple but very effective. It said, “You met the crowd. Meet the leader!” In a market that was already cluttered, Yamaha by introducing a leader of a bike captured a market share of 25% and retained it for quite some time!
This is precisely what we plan to do with SWTC! You met the crowd. A world that is crowded with innumerable and meaningless cryptocurrencies and choking on the incompetence and irrelevance of a bulk of these currencies that have no clue about their own business models! Now it is time to meet the leader. SWTC! A powerful coin built on a proven platform enhanced by a new technological innovation that is unique and unbeatable. Most importantly the coin comes with a solid business model that is crafted to generate revenues from day one and deliver profits and a stable return on investments to the investors. A market that is cynical and sceptical and waiting to punish the weak and inefficient, will not merely accept SWTC but will just adore it! We as a team are proud to present SWTC to the world.

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