Important Announcement!

There has been big increase in activity in the secondary market for the SWTC/WAVES Pair, the Pre-sale token on the WAVES Platform, the moment we have announced the date of release of the White Paper. People have been trying to sell their SWTC at a price that is much lower than SWT1. attempted to stop these sales by creating couple of Sell Walls at lower prices. But these get bought into. Meaning there will not be any demand now for the SWT1 tokens at these prices when people are trying to sell the pre-sale tokens at a lower price in coincidence with the release of the White Paper. To be fair to these investors who invested early in the project, we cannot stop the pre-sale investors from taking profit. But we need to be fair to the ICO Phase 1 investors too who have been buying SWT1 at much higher prices and allow them too to participate in these price rallies since it is they who have actually created these price rallies indirectly by buying SWT1 at higher prices.

So the only option for us to be fair to the investors who have bought more than 2 million SWT1 at a price of 1 USD for 1000 which is 10 times more than the price which our Pre-sale investors have bought when all the while there have been others who were buying SWTC in the secondary market at much lower prices is, to give them the proportionate number of SWTC in lieu of the SWT1 bought by them and create a single token market from now on till the end of the first phase at the same price as the pre-sale.  

We had decided we will do a sale of 150 million tokens during the pre-sale and different stages of ICO put together. We will stick to that. But now we will do away with the SWT1 sale and the complete sale with SWTC and finish the rest of the tokens in the next three days starting today and ending on the 10th of April 2018. 

The calculation is as follows. Approximately 55 million SWTC sold at the price of 1 USD for 10000 SWTC (USD 5500). a 20 % bonus was give to all investors. Which is 20% of 55 million = 11 million SWTC a total of 66 million SWTC. 2 million SWT1 sold at the price of 1 USD for 1000 SWT1 (USD 2000) a 20% bonus was given to all investors 20% of SWT1 = 400000 SWT1. Total 2.4 million SWT1. 2.4 million SWT1 will be exchanged for 24 million SWTC and SWT1 will be taken off the market. Total 66 million + 24 Million = 90 million. 10 million SWTC for bounties. Total of 100 million SWTC. The balance 50 million SWTC will be placed for sale on the SWTC/WAVES market at the same price of 1 USD for 10000 SWTC generating 5000 USD. The last 50 million sale will not have any bonus. We will stop our token sale with this. With the demand I am seeing in the secondary market for SWTC i am sure we can complete the 50 million before the 10th. We would have collected USD 12500 by the 10th of April as proceeds from our pre-sale after issuing 150 million SWTC. We will continue our development activities with the funds generated and stick to our schedule of releasing our SWTC wallet and the forked mine able coin by mid June. If we can get out Pocket miner Prototypes ready in July the project will fund itself based on advance payments for the Pocket Miner.  But the scaling up process will be slower. Depending on the prevailing conditions in the months of June and July and if the need arises we can think of additional alternative funding options.

Once we close the pre-sale we will release the White Paper on the 10th. Then if there is a spike in demand for SWTC based on all these news, activities and announcements, then every single investor will be able to participate in the ensuing price rallies and benefit from it.

Now please tell everyone who have missed the pre-sale to grab this opportunity and complete the sale of the last batch of 50 million SWTC before the 10th of April. 

Investors who have bought SWT1 need not do anything. They will receive the proportionate amount of SWTC to their Wallet addresses before the end of the pre-sale on the 10 of April. Once they receive the SWTC they can discard the SWT1.

All this is for the good! We are not really dependent now on the ICO or the funds to be generated from it to proceed with our project. The project is sure to take off as per schedule now and will fund itself. Thanks to the support of the investors! We are off to a great start and will surely succeed now!

I request all active members to check our earlier announcements and intimate through mail where we need to update this new information on all the previous announcements in the earlier posts and on the website.

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