Cheer Up!

I know several TOKEN investors are disappointed that they have not participated in the pre-sale at such low prices and are disappointed that the price has gone up 10 times today. Also there are some investors who wanted to sell their SWTC today and were in the hope that SWTC will be the token that will be used for the ICO and were surprised to see the SWT1 being used. We have to protect the investors who are investing at a higher rate too since they are the ones who are creating wealth for the early investors.

I have got several mails asking for pre-sale rates today. I have replied to everyone of them that the pre-sale was over yesterday night and they need to buy only from the ICO at the rate of 1 USD for 1000 SWT1. That is the benefit we have to give to the early investors who have trusted our project and bought more than 50 million SWTC tokens at the pre-sale stage. So there will be disappointed investors who are late and those who wanted to sell their SWTC and exit during the ICO. That is the reason we have used SWT1 But we have to reward the trust and faith of the early investors who took the step to support our project and those who are willing to invest at higher prices with stronger belief in the project. We are always committed to all our investors who wish to stay with us in the long term. All this makes us stronger in our quest for success. Don't worry about not being able to generate fund for the project.

We can even take the project to Yobit for an ICO. It costs just 0.25 BTC to list the coin for an ICO in Yobit. You know that a project that has just done nothing after the ICO like TAXI generated 168 BTC in 5 minutes. If we cancel this ICO and launch it on Yobit or HitBTC we can generate the 77.33 BTC (USD 580000) needed in just a few minutes. But it is only those who want to exit the project in 10 minutes and make their few dollars profit, we will get during such ICOs. That way the coin will be wrecked before the prroject has even started. So team, that will be our last resort. Cheer up! We are here for the long run. Though there will always be some doubters, it is the believers who will win always! So work harder in bringing people who are more patient and who have faith in good things! We need

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  1. You have a very good business mind.I trusted that mind and invested in it.It is touching to know that the muttlers have thrown their profits for the early investors and the supporters rather than the ICO.Go for it.