ICO - Phase 1

SWT Coin ICO Phase 1 is live now on the WAVES Platform (https://wavesplatform.com/). Special token SWT1 has been created exclusively for Phase1 of the ICO of  SWT Coin. Pre-sale was completed successfully yesterday. Read revised road map here.

Phase 1 of the ICO will be active on the WAVES Platform from 2nd April 2018 till 10th April 2018. For participating in the ICO investors have to download the WAVES Wallet Client or use the WAVES WEB Client from here https://wavesplatform.com/. Create an account and login to the Wallet. The ICO is live on both the WAVES Market and the BTC Market. Fund your Wallet with Waves or BTC as per your preference and choose SWT1 from either of the markets and buy SWT1 Tokens directly from the exchange and store it in your wallet till the time it is to be exchanged for the actual Coin when it is released as mentioned in the revised road map. 10 million SWT1 Tokens for sale on the WAVES/SWT1 market generating 2702 Waves and 15 million SWT1 Tokens for sale on the BTC/SWT1 market generating 2.25 BTC.


  1. Is it a coin like SWTC coin or SWT1 coin?

  2. Since the ICO is done in different price ranges and since the tokens are tradeable on the WAVES Platform there is a need for different tokens during the different phases. Finally all these tokens (SWTC, SWT1, SWT2, SWT3) created for the pre-sale and the three stages of ICO will be swapped on a 1:1 basis for the hard forked wallet based coin tentatively named SWT during June-July 2018 and then the new coin will be listed on three regular exchanges before Oct 2018.