FAKE SWT1 Alert! - Warning

FAKE SWT1 Alert! - Warning

Attention! There is a new SWT1 token created by some unknown person on the WAVES Platform! We have removed all sell orders from the WAVES Platform for both SWTC and SWT1. Don't buy the new SWT1 thinking that it is part of SWTC! You know that SWT1 is not valid now. The only way to buy SWTC from us is through Yobit Codes by sending it to admin@swaptoken.network and there is no other way to buy SWTC or SWT1 now. Please be aware of this! Don't buy anything from the WAVES Platform. Buy only using Yobit Codes and be SAFE! Will register a complaint with the WAVES Platform about this.


You can also identify the fake SWT1 token by seeing the Order History. All the orders are only today! It has been created only today. Beware! Our SWT1 has an order history from 3rd April. 

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