A Small Story!

Thanks every one for your support and patience. I am sure it is a wise decision you have made in entering and supporting this project. When we list on the exchanges and the initial trading prices are in the range of USD 0.5 to 1.5 in the month of Sep to Oct you will be proud of your decision. Till that time there will be doubts on every one's mind. But the moment of success is just 6 months ahead. Patience will reward you. And those who have stayed away now and those who sell during the time between now and October will feel disappointed when they see the initial trading prices in Sep-Oct 2018. There is only one person you have to believe in life. It is You and only you! You don't have to believe any one else. You took a correct decision to enter this project. So just believe in yourself and your decision.  Nothing has changed in the past few days. Everything that has changed is for the better. Like you so many people have taken this right decision. So believe in yourself and in your decision don't be bothered about what other people say, think or do. This is the message you have to follow in life for success! Be proud that you are your own destiny and don't allow the words of others & self doubt to cloud your judgement!
On the lighter side there is a joke about a person who kept praying to god sincerely that god should help win 10 million dollars in the lottery. He kept praying daily for days, weeks and months and kept asking god to help him win 10 million dollars in the lottery. After several months one day when he was praying there was a voice from heaven (god's voice), it said, "Idiot, go out and buy that lottery ticket, I can't buy that lottery ticket and put it in your pocket!"! The moral of the story is if you wish to win 10 million dollars you have to first take the bold step of going out and buying that lottery ticket. Only then god will help you win the 10 million dollars!
It is not as if you have never heard of a crypto currency before. You have gone through the discussions on this board, you decided that there is good reason to put a bit of your entertainment money in this project which according to your calculations has a good prospect in the future. And that the ideas in the project are unique and different from other crypto currencies. You decided to buy. Now just believe in yourself and your decision and wait for 6 months instead of allowing others to shake the confidence you have in yourself and your decisions. This attitude will ensure that you will come out on the winning side in life always, not just in this but in every other decision you are ever going to make in life! If you live life based on other people's decisions and advice you will never be happy. If you live life with self belief, courage and conviction in your own ideas and decisions you will always be happy and never be unhappy!

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