ICO, Funds Generated and Some Answers!

There are many questions coming up about ICO and amount of funds to be collected, etc., Just to answer a few of these Questions..
We don't want to collect too much money.. See our initial funds raised and costing.. We are a low cost steady profit company which is here to stay for the long term. All Investors whether they are from Pre Sale or ICO are like our share holders.. See the calculations.. Suppose we sell 50 million out of 150 million in pre sale.. We will have 100 million for ICO.. in three phases.. 25 million at 1000:1, 25 Million at 500:1 and 50 million at 1:100
This works out to USD 25000 + USD 50000 + USD 500000 + USD 5000 (from Pre-sale).. Total of USD 580000.. Of this 30 % will be retained as cash reserves to provide the financial security to ensure that there will always be basic safety for the investors. This reserve will soon be raised to a level that will always cover the initial investment of all investors. The rest will be used to develop our forked coin with wallet and to list on 3 exchanges. Next more research and development and prototype testing of our Verified MacID Secured Payment and Mining Infrastructure based Pocket Miners and release for sale.. These will be sold on online webstores on a pre book basis.. thereby reducing our working capital requirements.. We don't need too much money. We need just the right amount of money for the project.The project will generate revenue and profits by itself. We have IOT (internet of things) coming up in 2019 by means of Embedded Software to include several appliances, automobiles etc.,.. all these are solid business ideas which will generate profits for the project. When mining starts we will have controlled emissions so that we have a steady and good profitable price for the Coin always. Any and every amount of USD generated as profit will be distributed regularly as air drops to investors like dividends. We are a unique project with minimum cost and long term regular profits like any good long standing business. Wealth creation for investors by price appreciation of the coin and profit generation by regular dividends through airdrops. We are here to stay the course. There are many who are suggesting we need good website designs and banners to promote our ICO. I am working on these too and these will come up in time. But websites play a role mainly to inform people. See this site. It is not flashy. But it gives solid and truthful information with open and transparent feedback. We need our website too to be similar to this. Mainly to inform and get feedback. I am sure our investors are really clever and intelligent enough to understand the uniqueness and long term sustainability and profitability of our project. The simple formula for a good and stable business is great and useful technology, minimum cost.. maximum revenue and transparent accounting.. We have all these in our project! We are sure to win!