Creation of SWAT Coin on the WAVES Platform.

Creation of SWAT Coin on the WAVES Platform.

While the development of our blockchain, wallet and coin are going on and is expected to be ready around the 10th of June, well in time for the launch scheduled for the 15th of June, I did some research about listing WAVES based tokens on other exchanges. There are several coins that have been created on the WAVES platform as tokens that have been listed in other exchanges.

Some examples of WAVES based coins and the exchanges they have been listed in are given below. PING - Listed on HitBTC, TiDEX, WAVES DEX and Yobit. TOKES - Listed on Bittrex and WAVES DEX ZrCoin - Listed on HitBTC, TIDEX and WAVES DEX.

The entire list of coins created on the WAVES Platform can be checked here on coinmarketcap if you scroll down and check under the 'Platform' column.

The advantage of using a coin based on WAVES Token for listing is you can use the same WAVES Wallet which we are using now to deposit and withdraw coins from these exchanges. The main exchanges I have seen in this list are Bittrex, HitBTC, TiDEX, Yobit, WAVES DEX, LIVECOIN, etc. The coin will be on the WAVES Mainnet and Blockchain which is a secure, fast, robust and easy to use, as seen by us with SWTC.

Though we have not decided on the symbol/ticker of our coin or ICO till now, in order to not lose out on the symbol SWAT and to safeguard our own interests, I created this token yesterday on the WAVES Platform and issued 290 million SWAT tokens, keeping in mind the fact that if we decide to go for an ICO we need it for the ICO and for the promotion of the ICO.

It is my personal opinion that we can be SWTCoin (or SWATCoin) and have the ticker for our Coin as SWAT. There is a popular Hollywood movie of the same name and ran well all round the world with out any objections. When there can be a movie named SWAT which actually based on SWAT itself with out any objection we neing Secure Wide-spectrum Authenticated Payments coin cannot be any objection.

And in order to do a price discovery for our coin and to get very good valuations for SWAT I feel we can go in for an ICO even as early as the last week of May, if in case we can get approved by the exchange.

As suggested earlier if we make an offer of Free pocket miners for those who buy and hold our coin till October 2018 in numerical proportion to the amount of coins an individual investor buys and holds, verified from the blockchain, that will be a huge incentive to the investors for holding the coin. The same can be offered for our pre-sale investors with different and higher ratios due to the price advantage they enjoy over the new investors. This will not only ensure the success of the ICO but also ensure there is price stability.

Looking forward to a healthy discussion and responses from everyone so as to be able to take a decision regarding these suggestions of mine and to work out the modalities of doing this and going forward.

Cheers Everyone!

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