Question by Russian Investor and Potential Distributor!

Question by Russian Investor and Potential Distributor alexhihidok on bitcointalk.

So how much will there be in the end coins, if our pocket miners will earn our crypto currency? Or will we have our own algorithm, on the basis of which there will be other projects and ISO that will be under our miners to issue coins, how does it look? I'm not completely sure! How much and from where will the coins for mining be allocated?


Pre-Sale 151 million ICO 119 Million total 270 Million SWAT.

Coins will be mined by Pocket Miners based on our Emission and Difficulty criteria (See White Paper) built into our block chain at the rate of 77 Million per year for the next 20 years, if we take it on a linear scale which is an approximation. For this to happen we need to sell 192500 Pocket Miners in the first year. Since the difficulty keeps increasing with the number of Pocket Miners sold and those which are actively mining we need to sell more Pocket Miners in the subsequent years.

Pocket Miner Corp keeps investing 40% of its profit back into the development and growth of the coin. As a result this keeps pushing up the price of the coin since we buy the coins from the market to give Quarterly airdrops. The benefit of this will be seen by the stability and growth in price  of the coin.

Since you have already shown interest in distributing Pocket Miners in Russia you should assess the market to see how much percentage of the 192500 Pocket Miners to be sold in the first year can be sold in Russia!

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