ICO Application Submitted!

ICO Application Submitted!

ICO Application has been submitted to Yobit! We will know if it has been accepted in the next few days. If it gets accepted it will be the biggest ICO on Yobit till date. I have given below the ICO documentation so that everyone can know and understand the details. It will be useful when we promote our ICO.

ICO Documentation:

ICO Type: 100% buy-wall 10% Fee
Coin Name: SWTCoin
Ticker: SWAT
ICO Coins: 119000000
ICO Price: 0.00000569 BTC
ICO BTC: 677.11 BTC
ICO Start Date: 29 May 2018
ICO Max Days: 7
Algo: Waves based asset
Money Supply: 29000000 (151 Million Pre-sale, 119 million ICO 20 Million for ICO Promotion (unused SWAT from Promotion Quota will be burnt)
Min Commission: 0.001 Waves
Block Time: 1 min
Dev Language: Scala
Type: POS
Source Link (Git): https://github.com/wavesplatform
Explorer: https://wavesexplorer.com
Bitcointalk Topic: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3308625.0
Coin Additional Info and Asset Details on Waves Platform
Additional Info: SWAT on Waves Platform
Asset ID: 9dcfk64TsCLG23YM43Y4ZYxJbsTCgy2tjsh4tNJ1CE3B
API request with data of Asset - SWAT
Description of Coin and Wallet Screenshots:
SWTCoin project (SWAT) will aim to be a low cost, consistently profitable long term crypto currency project backed by a regular brick and mortar business model. SWT Coin (pronounced as Swat Coin) will aim to set the standard in facilitating simple, secure wide-spectrum authenticated digital transactions.
SWAT will have two parts. One the cryptocurrency part. The other a regular business model that will be a normal manufacturing unit that manufactures and markets the Pocket Miner. The two parts are separate legal entities and the Pocket Miner Corp will fund the SWTCoin project by investing in the research and development of the SWAT coin. 
The Pocket Miner is a mining device based on the VMSP technology that is to be manufactured and sold exclusively by the Pocket Miner Corp which is the funding and investing arm and will generate profit like any normal business. SWAT can be mined only by these Pocket Miner devices. Being based on a trusted platform and powered by a unique technological innovation, SWAT will emerge as a powerful digital asset that can generate wealth for its buyers in addition to delivering regular returns to its long-term holders without failing the Howey Test for Crypto Currencies.
Wallet Screenshots: https://imgur.com/gqd1ZIz & https://imgur.com/J8D03dz

Comments/Additional Info
Since the pre-sale has invited investors from several countries and the Development and Management team members are from 9 different countries we expect the ICO to do well.
Additional Info:
White Paper
Telegram: (More than 1000 Members)

Hope we get the approval!

Legal Disclaimer associated with an ICO needs to be present on our website prior to an ICO, in case it gets approved. It has been updated and can be checked out here!
The Disclaimer link has also been included on the menu bar on the website. Our Telegram and Discord group buttons have been updated on our website on the menu bar.

Cheers Everyone!

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