ICO Update

With regards to the ICO application submitted to Yobit, we are still waiting for confirmation. I have also raised a support ticket and sent a message to BlackSmith, Yobit's Dev in this regard. I guess the team is busy with the issues related to their own coin's recent forks. We will wait till Monday. 

The process of accepting the ICO is not just sending a mere message to us about the acceptance. It involves a lot of development work from their end by way of integrating the WAVES Wallet with the specific asset ID of SWAT on the waves platform and blockchain into their server so that every account holder on Yobit will have his individual SWAT address for deposits. This has to be done using the source code provided by WAVES and the programming language on which WAVES is built SCALA. If their devs are busy with their own forks and related development activities it might not have been possible to do the development work of our SWAT and the ICO. 

We will wait till Monday. If we do not get the confirmation on Monday we will go ahead with the ICO on the Waves platform.

This is the offer I wanted to make for those who buy SWAT during the ICO on Yobit and hold till October 2018.

SWAT Price: 0.05 USD = 1 SWAT

For those who buy 12000 SWAT and hold it till October 2018 One Pocket Miner 8 C (Octacore) worth USD 200 will be Given Free! And it will continue in multiples of 12000 SWAT, meaning 24000 SWAT holders will get 2 Pocket Miners free and so on and so forth. We will use the same offer on WAVES Dex and do the ICO in case it doesn't happen on Yobit. For those who bought SWTC in Pre-Sale and hold SWAT after the exchange too I have a different offer since they bought with with a price advantage, the details of which will be announced after we complete the ICO.

Will make a detailed announcement about this on Monday the 28th of May 2018.

Cheers Everyone!