Last Date for Sending in SWTC!

Tomorrow is the Last Date for Sending in SWTC!

Tomorrow will be the last day on which Investors can send in their SWTC holdings for exchange to SWAT. There are many small investors and those who had received bounties of 1000 SWTC who have not sent in their holdings yet. If they need the WAVES for Fees involved with sending in their holdings, they can send in a request to my mail ID - Please post this message in our various language chat rooms and platforms and encourage them to send it in. 

I have even reverse transferred the huge quantity of additional SWTC we had created during the time of token creation and set aside during the initial stages. The total amount of SWTC received will be burnt by end of tomorrow. I did a trial burn of 5 million SWTC successfully yesterday. This facility of Coin burn was introduced by WAVES Platform in one of their recent updates. 

There was a question by an investor who had asked me how I will remember that he had sent me a specific number of SWTC. There may be other investorss too who may have this question in their mind.

The answer is, there is a provision in my wallet to extract a report of every single SWTC received by me along with the WALLET Address from which it is sent including the transaction ID, date wise as a csv file. 

Check screenshot below.

All this is permanently recorded on the wavesexplorer. The complete details are also stored in our email server as additional back up!

That is why you send the screenshot of the Transaction ID and the wavesexplorer link through mail to me after sending the SWTC. So there is nothing to be worried about. Once the ICO is over SWAT will come back to you on a 1:1 basis (1 SWAT for 1 SWTC) to the same wallet address from which you sent in your holdings of SWTC. 

SWTC has served its purpose well! Thank you every one for your immense patience, phenomenal trust and tremendous support! The project and our community are truly one of a kind, rarely seen anywhere!

Cheers Every One!

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