Some Calculations and Projections of SWTC Price Range

Some Calculations and Projections of SWTC Price Range

We did our pre-sale of SWTC for a price of 1 USD for 10000 SWTC with mostly a 20% bonus except for the last phase. We will do a calculation using the above price conversion.

We completed the pre-sale on the 10th of April. On that day the price of 1 SWTC was USD 0.0001 (1 USD for 10000) If you take into consideration the bonus of 20% the price of 1 SWTC was USD 0.000083 (1 USD for 12000 SWTC)

Today the average price at which SWTC is being traded on the DEX inside the WAVES Platform is between 0.00015 to 0.00018 Waves per SWTC and the volume of trade is around 100K to 500K per day as on 1st May 2018.

Today the price of 1 WAVES is USD 7.1 approximately. So the price of 1 SWTC is 0.00015 x 7.1 = USD 0.001065 which is determined by the of today. It is a price increase of more than 10 times in the last 20 days. During the last 20 days we have only consolidated our team, released the white paper and announced the list of activities that are going on. We have not had any major activity because our next scheduled major activity will the release of our coin and wallet on the 15th of June 2018.

Without much of activity the price has gone up by 10 times. So i expect the price to go up by another 10 times when we launch our own blockchain, coin, wallet and do the actual swap from June 15 to July 15 2018.

Which means the price of 1 SWTC will go up from the current value of 0.001 USD to a price of USD 0.01 approximately during the time period of June 15 to July 15 2018.

Between July to October 2018 we are planning to list our coin in three exchanges. Once we do that it is a major news and it brings in more demand in the form of new investors from those exchanges and the price may go up another 5 to 6 times, meaning it can go up to USD 0.05 during that time.

Once we announce the pre-booking of our Pocket Miners in the month of September and suppose we get a good response for it.. What I mean by a good response is suppose we get a pre-booking of around 2000 or more pocket miners in Sep 2018 and we start delivering those in the month of October 2018 then it a sure increase in price of around 10 times. So the price will be around 10 times more.. 10 x 0.05 USD. That means the price of our SWTC will be USD 0.50 for 1 SWTC in October if everything goes well.

During Oct, Nov and Dec 2018 if we can sell a total of 5000 Pocket Miners at the lowest range of USD 120 per Pocket Miner we would have generated a sales of 5000 x 120 USD = 600000 USD. Let us assume we make a profit of 10% amounting to 60000 USD. Using 40% of that, which is 24000 USD, we buy more SWTC from the market and give our first quarterly Airdrop on the 1st of January 2019 then at that time our price can go up at least 2 times more, which means it should be 2 x 0.50 USD = 1.00 USD!

These are my projections. The dates of achieving these targets may vary a bit. But there is absolute certainty that we will achieve these targets sooner or later!


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