The SWTCoin Mission and its Great Community!

The SWTCoin Mission and its Great Community!

With every new day with more and more people joining us from different parts of the world, we are growing stronger as a community and the SWTCoin project is more of a mission now than just a crypto currency project! We are all like a football team or any other sports team! We enjoy playing this game! We help each other selflessly through our different activities and aim to win by taking everyone together with us with a positive spirit!

As mentioned in my earlier post,  all of us come from different financial backgrounds. Some of us can afford to give more financially for the project while some of us contribute more to the project through our efforts and activities! For us every single investor who has trusted this project and invested just a single dollar in this project to all the others who have selflessly given so much of their holdings as bounties for the project are all equally important. 

I know many of our team members have been keeping aside their own personal commitments, financial hardships, other problems and difficulties they face in their day to day lives, just to support, think always about and work for this great project of ours. Now it has become more of a mission for all of us than just being a project! There are not enough words to thank and appreciate the involvement and the great work done by every one!

One thing is for sure. This great mission of ours will not just succeed in creating wealth for every one involved in this project but will work together in the future through the SWTCoin Foundation to give back to society and help people who are suffering in different parts of the world there by giving much more depth and meaning to this great mission of ours! I am proud of being part of this project and proud to be a co-member with each one of you in this great mission of ours!

Cheers Everyone!


  1. Thanks! Good to have you in our team Geonung! I know how much you have worked sleeplessly for the success of this project!