Good suggestion put to use! Proposal Sent to Yobit!

Good suggestion put to use! Proposal Sent to Yobit!

Based on the good suggestion given by pwrproperty to offer Airdrop to all members of an exchange if listed I have submitted a token listing proposal to Yobit with slight modification. Since LIZA is Yobit's own coin we will give airdrop only to LIZA holders. This will help in lifting LIZA price up which is very beneficial to Yobit and this can be a precedent to future listings where every new listing has to give some airdrop to LIZA holders instead of BTC payments so that LIZA price is lifted every week! This is exactly what Yobit is looking for! The details of the proposal submitted to Yobit is give below. Let us hope they accept it! Since they are accepting only ERC20 tokens for listing now i have used an ERC20 Token i had created sometime back in order to prevent others from creating an ERC20 token in our name. What we had created as a precaution has come in handy now!

The Details:

Payment Yobit Code: YOBITAWTMZYL8Y79Q0Y3PX123456789012345BTC (I have replaced several characters in the original code!)
Token ID: ERC20
Token Name: SWAT Coin
Ticker: SWAT

Comments/Additional Info
Wish to give Airdrop of 9,971,510(9.97 Million) SWAT (14000 USD/2 BTC Value) to LIZA holders divided proportionately among LIZA holders. Or 200 SWAT for 1 LIZA which ever is lower, from the total supply of 290 million tokens of which 154901230 is in circulation and held by 116 holders on the WAVES Platform. See holding pattern on the WAVES Platform here.
If listed we will shift from WAVES Platform Token to ERC20 Token.

Additional Info
White Paper
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