Winner of the Pocket Miner Raffle Game!

Winner of the Pocket Miner Raffle Game!

We are happy to announce the Winner of the Pocket Miner Raffle Game!

9699, This is the only ticket number which has got 2 Votes. See my post above. So 9699 is a clear winner.

The WAVES Wallet Address for this Ticket is 3P4Kj2QzKDi7rF5cx2D6N111111w2Yrb52Y! (I have masked some digits of this address). The SWAT that helped this winner to win this contest was bought directly from the WAVES DEX during the ICO! Congratulations! 

I have sent a small transfer of SWAT to this Wallet Address with the Message 'Winner - Pocket Miner Raffle' as a congratulatory message to this Winner. The winner can claim this prize by posting a screenshot of the amount transferred by me along with this message here and on twitter. Also to be confirmed by sending the transaction ID of my transfer with screenshot to my eamil ID: 

In September 2019 as soon as we have the Pocket Miners Ready for testing, One Pocket Miner will be sent to the Winner!

Congrats Once Again to the Winner on behalf of the entire SWAT Coin Community! We look forward to knowing who the winner is and wait for the winner to claim the prize and reveal identity!

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