Historic Moment! Our Block Chain is up and running!

Historic Moment!

Our Block Chain is up and running! See screenshot of our Daemon below.

Wallet with Premine of 270 000 000 coins plus the mined coins needed for revealing the premined coins.

Miner mining at a difficulty of 878450

Will upload Wallet with config file on 16th of June 2018. This is a Windows CLI wallet and not a GUI wallet. Since there is no provision as of now to disable mining permanently on the GUI wallet which is still under development to incorporate this feature, the GUI wallet will be released at a later date. We know that mining will be enabled only on our pocket miners through the unique Android App which is currently under development and is scheduled to be released for testing in Sep 2018.

On the happy occasion of the launch of our Block Chain, everyone who has sent in SWTC and those who hold SWTC bounty received from our D & M members can claim a 1000 SWAT bounty from the premined coins! Just download our Windows CLI wallet after the 16th of June from the Github link which will be posted here and on our website. Create a new wallet address starting in SW.. (example: SW4VZBDb5jKQYnwNABvxpDNuBnDzbLWY7NyAyEQjWSR37ewNi38D5BJ4f9K6rFQy9rFZMT91Tufbbjk WAUCwb1m81bFBjxtCg) by following the instructions given in the instructions file attached with the wallet. Send new SWAT Wallet address along with your WAVES Wallet address that was used to send in SWTC, to admin@swtcoin.network to receive your bounty to your new SWAT Wallet!

As mentioned in an earlier post SWAT for SWTC will be exchanged on the 21st on the WAVES Platform. We will initiate the process for listing on different exchanges using SWAT on the WAVES Platform. Once Pocket Miners are launched and mining is started we will upgrade our coin to the CryptoNote based SWAT coin and do the same with the exchanges. Till then we will continue with our SWAT token on the WAVES Platform and SWAT trading will begin from the 21st on the DEX inside the WAVES Client.

Cheers Everyone!

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