New Partnership and Representation of Pocket Miners in 16 Countries!

New Partnership and Representation of Pocket Miners in 16 Countries!

Today I received a mail from our D & M Team member Ledon's (heybeablack) friend expressing interest to be a distributor for Pocket Miners in Mali. This is mainly due to the effort of Ledon. Thanks Ledon!

With this inquiry we have received expression of interest in distributing our Pocket Miners in 16 countries (Russia, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, Luxembourg, France, Nigeria, Ukraine, Italy, Malaysia, Mali, Saudi Arabia, US, Benin and Iraq.) Even if we sell 300 Pocket Miners per month on an average in each country we will reach approximately 15000 Pocket Miners Sale in the first 3 months. This is 10000 more than our original target of 5000 which we had mentioned in our earlier calculations on this thread.

In addition to this we are in the process of partnering with Bitcomo ( one of the most transparent global performance marketing giants, to market our Pocket Miners on a long-term basis and may be our ICO on a trial basis, during the last few days that are remaining before we close it on the 20th of June 2018. Check out the office of  Bitcomo here..

If everything goes well the partnership will be confirmed by the end of this week. The only thing that is pending is the integration from our end of our offers with their tracking system. That is the reason we have opted for Coingate as a payment gateway and Peerclick as the affiliate tracking platform. Campaign links and S2S Postback URLs have been submitted for testing and trial runs. There may be some minor tweaking to be done before we go live.

Hoping to announce the confirmation by the end of this week. This will also allow us to continue our modified 'Token Sale with Pocket Miners Offer' even after the ICO is over and SWAT/SWTC exchange is completed, without affecting our trading of SWAT on the WAVES DEX and on other potential exchanges which we will be targeting for listing. The future sure does look bright for our project! 

All team members and investor community members have to get working now on identifying more interested and committed distributors for our Pocket Miners from different regions. Come on every one! Let us work together. And I am sure we will get this done! 

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