Pocket Miners and SWAT - A Recap and Some Updates!


Our block Chain is up and running and our stable fully functional Windows GUI Wallet can be downloaded from here. 


Some new users have generated their wallet address and sent it for claiming the 2000 SWAT Bounty. But the bounty is only for those investors who have purchased SWAT on the DEX and show proof of it by sending the transaction ID and waves wallet address to admin@swatcoin.network for my reference. Alternatively SWAT can be bought by sending Yobit USD Code (Minimum 1 USD) to my email ID mentioned earlier along with Waves Wallet Address to which SWAT has to be sent. Once this is done Windows GUI Wallet can be downloaded and Wallet address sent to me for claiming bounty.

Pocket Miners are the only way to mine SWAT and Pocket Miners will be manufactured and sold by the Parent Company of SWAT Coin, Pocket Miner Corp. The Trade Mark (TM) for Pocket Miner has been acquired and registered in the country of origin for protection of Intellectual property rights and in other countries registration will be done on the WIPO platform as and when we launch in different countries.

Screenshots of Indicative Design:

High Definition 8" Screen

Secure Mining

Pocket Miners will be isolated from the Wallets for security reasons. Mining will be done through a mining pool set up on our own secure server which will store the Unique digital identity of the miners along with the mining data. Pocket Miner owners will register their wallet address on the server through the mining software that has been pre-installed in the miners. This is to ensure that even if the Pocket Miner is lost the mined coins will not be lost and such Pocket Miners can be disabled from being used for mining by another user.

Pocket Miners are truly unique to our project and are definitely designed to generate profits for the project on a long term basis. 40% of profits from sale of Pocket Miners will be invested back into the development of the Coin. So the true value of SWAT will be realized starting from the time the sale of the Pocket Miners begins in October 2018. It is ideal for investors to hold SWAT till October to get a good valuation! 

The miners are based on a Verified MacID Secured Payments Infrastructure technology. Using this technology it will be ensured that the coin cannot be mined using any other device. Different variants of the Pocket Miners in the price range of 150 USD to 350 USD based on different processors, screen sizes and functionalities are planned to be released for testing during the month of September 2018, and released for regular sales during the period starting from Oct 2018. 


We are already in discussion with Educational Institutes for selling Pocket Miners to students. The Pocket Miners will also serve as Text books with pre-loaded EBooks, electronic writing pads and in addition act as pocket miners to generate monthly income for students to subsidize their educational and living expenses. Since there are inquiries from educational institutes for these devices the first version of Pocket Miners to be launched most probably will be with high definition 8 inch Screens that come with True Writing capability. Since the Pocket Miners are dependent more on the processors for mining and not on the RAM, the focus will be to create a rugged device with a strong processor. 

Original Writing Function

We expect to do the trial orders in the months of Sept and Oct 2018. We have distributor inquiries from 16 countries as of now. We will finalize the distribution channels in the months of August and September 2018.

The mining algorithm will keep adjusting mining difficulty based on the number of devices sold, there by ensuring that every 14 to 15 months customers have to upgrade to the next model. They will recover the cost of the device in 7 to 8 months and keep making profit after that up to 24 months. 

Rugged Design for Solid Background Mining

The next stage for Pocket Miners is to tie up with ad exchanges particularly video ad exchanges and deliver video ads like TV ads on the Pocket Miners whenever the user uses it for any of the multiple functions it is capable of performing without the option to skip ads. This will generate additional revenue for the project and for the user.

Multi Functional

All this is unique to the SWAT Coin Project making SWAT one of the most promising coins in the entire crypto currency horizon, with huge growth potential. With less than 157 million coins in circulation as of now and a total money supply of 290 million, the correct valuation of the coin should be in the range of  0.5 to 1.5 USD even now if we compare it with other coins with much higher total money supply and circulation with no business plan whatsoever! 

SWAT has a block chain up and running with a fully functional Windows GUI Wallet, though it is just 70 days old! It will have unique product in Pocket Miner which will be released in October 2018 just 6 months from the date of launch of the coin. We have a dedicated and committed Development and Management Team from 9 different countries working together for the success of the project. When we sell our first Pocket Miner in the month of October the true valuation of our coin should be in the range of 2.5 to 3.5 USD.

The increase in user base to 270 K after the Airdrop is a huge positive for the project. Lest us keep aside the sale of Pocket Miners that will come from the distributors and regular distribution channels both on and offline and focus on the captive target audience we have wth us now for Pocket Miners. Today the norm is to upgrade our Smart Phones every 18 months or so. If the 270 K user base of SWAT upgrade to Pocket Miner which is more like a IPad mini or a Phablet, hence can be bought in addition to the existing primary smartphone, in the next 18 months SWAT is sure to reach a valuation of 10 USD. Pocket Miners will not just earn back your investment in 6 to 8 months bit it will also go on to make profits for a minimum of 24 months!

I extend a warm welcome to all our new users to the SWAT Coin community on behalf of the entire team! Let us work together to make our project the most successful crypto currency project ever!


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