What is the Single Main Purpose of SWAT?

Some one asked me in a mail, "What is the one main goal or purpose of SWAT"? The answer to this is in the name of our coin itself, which is the acronym of the phrase, Secure Wide-spectrum Authenticated Transactions. So the goal of SWAT is to provide simple yet Secure, Wide-spectrum, Authenticated, Transactions that are easily accessible to the common man. And the aim of our Pocket Miner is to bring Crypto Currency Mining within the reach of the common man.

So in simple words the purpose of our project can be put like this.

Mine! Make Money! Transact!

In tune with this and the theme of wide-spectrum transactions which is popularly known as Internet of things, I have made some modifications to the design of our website with additional input about Cryptonote which is the technology platform on which our block chain is running now. 

Need your feedback!


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