SWAT CLI Wallet Windows 64 V 1.02 Released!

We are happy to announce the release of SWAT CLI Wallet Windows 64 V 1.02 today, exactly as per the schedule on our road map!

It can be downloaded here:


Download it and follow the instructions in the Release Notes and Instructions File. I have given below the contents of the file:

Contents of the file: Release Notes and Instructions.txt

SWAT Windows CLI Wallet V1.02 based on CryptoNote/ForkNote Release 2.1.2
List of Files
SWATd.exe - SWAT Daemon
SWATd.bat - Batch File to run SWAT Daemon
SWATWallet.exe - SWAT Wallet
Generate NEW SWAT Address.bat - Batch File to Run SWATWallet to Generate New Address
SWATWallet RPC Port.bat - Batch File to Run SWATWallet to Sync with Daemon and Receive SWAT Coins
Configs/SWAT.conf - SWAT Configuration File
Extract contents of Zip file to a folder for example SWATWallet
Within the folder SWATWallet open the Configs folder to check if SWAT.conf is present.
Run file Generate New SWAT Address.bat by doubleclicking it. You will see the Wallet Window with a message Generated New Wallet: SW2wvTUVxeHbanSj9C2REei3qUB1VGtVygTA5kS374wiCwHhXupvbGTZMzybLeRZT8BVonvdANnb2VZ ZfRQ5FHPU1c7Z8S7cd (This is an example address - you will get your own unique address)
In the SWATWallet Folder two new files will be generated - MY.wallet and MY.wallet.address
Open MY.wallet.address by doubleclicking it. You will see your new SWAT Address. This is the address you have to copy and send back to admin@swtcoin.network for receiving your bounty of 1000 SWAT along with your original WAVES Wallet Address used for transferring SWTC for SWAT exchange.)
In the SWATWallet window You will get a message saying, "Not able to connect to the Daemon". This is normal since we have not started the daemon yet.
Type Help in the Wallet window to see the various commands for operating the wallet.
Type Exit and exit SWATWallet. Always remember to do this. This will save the Wallet's synchronized data.
Next Run SWATWallet RPC Port.bat by doubleclicking it. You will see the Wallet Open again with error messages in red saying Can't connect to Daemon and Network error.
Now Run SWATd.bat by doubleclicking it. You will see the Daemon running and get a message "You are now synchronized with the network". this means everything is fine. Just leave this file open and allow it to run in the background.
Now you see in the SWATWallet amongst all the red error messages one green message saying "Wallet connected to Daemon". 
Type balance in the SWATWallet. You will see the message "available balance: 0.00000000, locked amount: 0.00000000"
That is it! Now exit both files by typing exit.
Give some time for me to transfer 1000 SWAT bounty to you and for the confirmation of the transfer.
After some time Run SWATWallet RPC Port.bat and SWATd.bat and you will see a green message on your SWATWallet saying "you have received 1000". You can check your balance in SWATWallet by typing balance. You will see the message "available balance: 1000.00000000, locked amount: 0.00000000". You have received your bounty! Now Type save. Exit both SWATWallet and Daemon.
Wait for the next Wallet upgade and release of SWAT GUI Wallet!
For any queries or assistance send mail to admin@swtcoin.network and get your doubts clarified!

The future of simple Secure Wide-spectrum Authenticated Transactions is here!

Thanks to the entire team and community members we have been able to do this. I am sure good times are here now. 

Since this part is the core of our operation I have taken time to do this myself, to ensure that the fingerprint of the collective trust and spirit of our entire community is firmly stamped on it!

For future upgrades and other releases which will be mostly cosmetic changes related to improving the appearance and functionality of the wallet, I will take the assistance of other developers. It is time now to focus more on funds, marketing and promotions and most importantly on the development and early release of our Pocket Miner. Though our schedule is to release our Pocket Miners for testing on 15 September 2018 my personal target is to release it for testing on 15 August 2018, one month ahead of our schedule. I am sure we can do this with the entire community working so hard together!

It's Time to Change the Game!

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