2 Items of Good News! Pocket Miner and Mining Pool!

2 Items of Good News! Pocket Miner and Mining Pool!

1. First Sample of Pocket Miner 8 Inch Octa Core Version has Reached Me! Will release initial test videos of functionality and more screenshots today and tomorrow.

2. Our mining pool (version 1) which we will be using to mine with our android miner is up and running. Suitable modifications will be done to the pool to restrict mining only with our Pocket Miners before we launch it officially. Presently CPU, GPU, WEB mining is allowed to test the mining process and functionality of the pool.

swatpool.com is the mining pool website. Investors who wish to try mining the coin using their SWAT addresses generated with Windows GUI Wallet can try mining the coin. Instructions are present on the website. Investors are requested not to mine more than 1000 coins!

See first photo of unpacked Pocket miner above. More Screenshots and Videos to follow!

Pool and Miner Screenshot (I am doing some mining with XMRIG miner)
If investors are finding it difficult to do trial mining I can send them a pre-configured version of the XMRIG miner.

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