Some Examples and Explanations of the Tremendous Success we Have had in 90 Days!

All investors who have come in and stayed back will surely be investors in swat soon!

Look at the total our level of holders now... 270 K investors who were waves holders and who are holders of SWAT now were reached by us based on the good idea of pwrproperty (hondajazz) who was also behind the idea of starting our telegram group. He also used his own SWTC to give bounties to promote the group!

To get noticed by the waves holders on waves platform we have done 2700 (x 100) transfers over a period of 20 days and have given away 800 WAVES worth of SWAT free as airdrop and spent 135 WAVES as just transfer fees to execute this airdrop.

So now we have gone from only 116 holders for SWAT 20 days back to 270 K holders of SWAT now!

It has surely benefited us. More telegram group members with more participation. More volumes and more buying on the SWAT/WAVES on DEX. More twitter followers, more retweets, and hence more benefit for our older investors from the pre-sale times.

For example two of our new investors sent mails to me recently saying they have bought 2.5 million worth of SWAT from the market directly. So the older pre-sale investors who have sold to these new investors have benefited from these purchases made the new investors. And many of these new investors have also bought on all the different SWATX programs there by contributing to the over all success of the project!

Hence all our efforts are giving good results and these are helping so many of our small holders from our pre-sale to get 300 to 400% returns on the investment they made in our project less than 90 days back! I myself have made some purchases from the market and bought from investors at a price of up to 0.0004 Waves (0.0012 USD) giving a return of 1363 percent to our investors!

Just after the ICO one of our new investor had bought at 0.046 USD from the ETH market. The pre-sale investor who sold to him enjoyed a return of 52272 % ! 522 times more than the price at which he bought during the pre-sale! and there were 22 Investors who had bought during the ICO at 0.05 USD (600 times higher price than the pre-sale level)! All this in 90 days of having started the project! All these are a few examples of the tremendous success our project has seen over the last 90 days! All this at a time when Bitcoin has fallen from 12000 levels when the initial idea of our project originated to approximately half that price!

Similarly what good work every one is doing right now will give much better results in the next 90 day and in the days to come after that!

Since many of our pre-sale investors are young and had come into our project after having had some bad experiences with other coins, they are naturally tempted to sell low with very good profits for themselves to cut their losses from their previous investments they had done before the 90 day period. So in that manner our project has given hope to several investors that in spite of difficult times for all major Crypto Currencies there is a project that can give profit and has great potential to give even more profits in the future! The one and only SWAT coin project!

Well done vosurion! Well done every one! We just have to continue doing our good work and when the time comes and we get over the sell walls created by thee 50 million or so SWAT held by small users who have come in to our project with the hope of recovering their losses from their past invetments, the growth in prices will be much faster adn we will reach much higher targets soon!

A journey towards a 1.00 USD price for SWAT will start now with 270000 steps not just 1!

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