Update on the fake SWATX Situation

The issue is resolved now. It is not an issue of Fake SWATX, but an issue of a particular investor who had bought SWATX at a lower price and tried to make some short term profit with it instead of sending it in to us for exchange to SWAT through SWATX DRIP.

I got a response to my earlier post on bitcointalk, from this person who had put in the sale order of 160.3 K SWATX, on the SWATX/WAVES market when he should have actually sent it for investing in SWATX DRIP. After a series of mails to him seeking his explanation, and responses with transaction IDs from him, I am satisfied now, it is the end of this issue. I don not wish to reveal his name. He has assured me that he will not interfere with any activity aimed at the growth and development of the project in future and will instead support the project from now on.

See some of my mails to him below.

Now that the person has apologized and realized his mistake I don't wish to embarrass him by posting his mails here.

A word of caution to people who want to manipulate prices to buy at lower levels. Read this legal extract below..

"Manipulation is the act of artificially inflating or deflating the price of a security or otherwise influencing the behavior of the market for personal gain. Manipulation takes many forms in the markets. One way people can deflate the price of a security is by placing several small orders at a significantly lower price than the one at which it has been trading. This gives investors the impression that there is something wrong with the security, so they panic and sell, pushing the prices even lower.. the long and short of it is... Manipulation is illegal" Period.

Using the same method by which I found the addresses of people who were interfering with our normal market activities I can sell lower or buy higher to find addresses of people who are buying/selling lower and the vice-versa and report addresses involved in these activities to WAVES Support citing manipulation with request to ban and freeze accounts associated with these addresses. Several exchanges actively support these requests in order to keep their exchange clean and safe for investors. The quantities and values involved may be small. But manipulation is manipulation! There are no two ways about it.

When it comes to safeguarding and protecting the interests of so many trusting and loyal investors of our SWAT Coin project, I assure you that we will not tolerate any interference and be absolutely firm and unwavering in dealing with it! I personally work only for this project and am deeply passionate about the success of this project. For the benefit of new investors, I am 51 years old, a retired professor of Engineering and Business Administration, who comes from a family that has been in business and entrepreneurship for several generations and I personally have the will, resource and all the time in this world to fight such interference.

Once again I wish to reiterate that we are a simple group of people who have come together in all earnestness and sincerity to support this wonderful project and share the rewards from the project mainly from the sale of Pocket Miners and from AD revenue generated by Pocket Miners in a fair and transparent manner with the investor community and grow slowly and steadily in a solid manner.

People who have mistakenly entered this project hoping for a flashy, pump and dump kind of market, are free to leave the project and let the rest of us in peace to enjoy the benefits of the project over the long-term!

Will restart the SWATX sale tomorrow!

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