Some more Pics and Videos of the Pocket Miner H E Edition.

I have given below some more pics and a few videos of the Pocket Miner H E Edition. Again I apologize for the quality of pics and videos. soon we will get professionals to shoot videos and pics for promoting Pocket Miners.

A closeup look of the start screen - Two different vrsions


The back side of the Pocket Miner. Since this is a OEM sample no brand name is present. Pocket Miner brand name with TM will be printed/etched on the bottom end of the back side of the Pocket Miner. The smooth titanium metallic finish has to be felt to understand the build quality. This pic does not even show the color properly!

Configuration of the Camera using CPUx app

RAM and ROM check with the CPU Z app

Video Quality of Youtube Streaming - This most popular video on Youtube is sure to bring a smile on everyone's face!

Mining Videos of Pocket Miner High End Version. 14 to 17.5 hashes/second is the hash rate we are able to achieve as seen in the 2nd and 3rd Videos. The Power of Mining truly in your Pocket now!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

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