SWAT - Pocket Miner Advance Booking Token (SPAT) Sale Offer!

Announcing SPAT Sale Offer: SWAT - Pocket Miner Advance Booking Token (SPAT) Sale Offer! As a pre-launch offer this is the announcement for the sale of Pocket Miners at a discounted effective price through a combination sale of SWAT and Pocket Miner. Here is a one time opportunity to buy a Pocket Miner at an approximate price of 250 USD instead of the actual MRP of 335 to 350 USD through a combined purchase of SWAT and Pocket Miner. The details are given below.

This offer is for the sale of only 50 Pocket Miners on a first come first served basis. To promote this offer a token of the the name SPAT has been created. SWAT Pocket Miner Advance Token - SPAT. I have created a sell order for 20 million SPAT in the SPAT/BTC market at the rate of 15 SAT per SPAT. 

It is time to move on to the BTC market!

Investors and members who wish to buy a Pocket Miner using this pre-launch scheme should buy 400000 SPAT in the SPAT/BTC market for 0.06 BTC (400000 x 15 SAT = 0.06 BTC). 

400000 SPAT = 400000 SWAT + 1 Pocket Miner at an Effective Price of 250 USD for a Pocket Miner approximately. Since the current price of BTC is in the range of 6000 to 6200 USD we use this price of 0.06 BTC for 400000 SWAT. If the price of BTC falls to 5800 to 6000 USD range or rises to 6300 to 6500 USD range we will adjust the price between 0.05 BTC to 0.075 BTC depending on the market price of BTC. 

The purchased 400000 SPAT has to be sent to this WAVES WAllet Address: 3P4FHyfyCuQuD1oniE7Z9udWEoeftyT6ZS2
A mail should be sent to admin@swatcoin.network with the transaction ID along with postal address for shipping the Pocket Miner.

400000 SWAT will be sent as exchange for SPAT immediately. Pocket Miner will be shipped starting from the month of October 2018.

Request all members and Investors to promote this offer on various platforms and chat rooms. A bounty of 500 SWAT each for posting this information and promoting this offer on various platforms is announced. 2000 SWAT bounty for those who write a small article minimum 100 words of review about SWAT and Pocket Miner on blogs, forums, Reddit, Steemit, Medium etc and promoting the article on social media platforms. The bounty can be collected by sending the screenshot of the post along with WAVES Wallet Address to admin@swatcoin.network.
Looking forward to the active participation an support of all members and investors in this pre-launch offer and make it a great success like our SWATX Program!

Thanks Every One!

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